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HIV stands for “Human Immunodeficiency Virus”. It is one of a many immunodeficiency viruses infecting mammals. It is the causative agent of AIDS, the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It is transmitted sexually, through the blood, across the placenta, and through breast milk.Like many other infections, HIV does not test positive as soon as infection occurs, during which time the immunological responses are developing. This is called the “window period”. During this time, a person who may have acquired the infection recently can test negative for it.

Sample Type : Blood


Test Info : 

  1. PCR RNA Test : This test can be done after just 7 days from suspected exposure. This test looks for viral RNA and is not dependent of antibodies. If you choose to get this test done, you need to repeat HIV Duo combo(p24 anitgne/antibodies screening) after 28 days of suspected exposure.This test is very sensitive and is the earliest method to detect HIV.
  2. HIV Duo Combo(p24 Anitgen for HIV 1 & 2 Anti Body Test) : It is also called as p24 antigen & antibody screening test. This is the 4th generation HIV test, which is very sensitive.The p24 antigen are basically protien molecules found on the capsule of HIV virus. Testing for p24 antigen is not dependent on development of antibodies which may takes at least 3 weeks to develop. The window period for p24  antigen is very small. The test is done after 4 weeks of suspected exposure and is very accurate. However, between day 14 and day 20 , the p24 antigen starts appearing in the blood. Hence , a negative result for HIV Duo Combo during this period gives a lot confidence.Putting p24 antigen and antibody screening together gives us a powerful tool to detect HIV
  3. HIV Test (Elisa for HIV 1 & 2 Test)  : This test look for antibodies against hiv 1&2. It is quite reliable after 4 weeks of suspected exposure.Most authorities recommend retest at the end of 3 months to rule out HIV