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General questions
Online consultation is a platform, where you can ask your queries or concerns regarding your health in a very unbiased and non-judgmental way.
Currently, the sexual and reproductive health market is discussed in closed rooms, although issues being faced by people are manifold. The main challenges in the market are:
  • Unserved needs: Millions across the world are suffering from ailments related to sexual and reproductive health. Prevalence of chronic diseases, stressful lifestyles and myths, among other reasons are taking a heavy toll on sexual health. The people are in need of sound advice and treatment but a vast majority of these people are unserved or ill- served
  • Limited sexual education: There is no formal system of providing sex education in India and many do not have knowledge on matters pertaining to sexual and reproductive health and relationships. Even the parents feel uncomfortable and are not ready to talk about it. Levels of sexual activity/ teenage pregnancies are alarmingly high suggesting ignorance of children and parent alike. And Ignorance is not always bliss!!!
  • Social stigma, fears and taboos: Many people suffer in silence when it comes to sexual and reproductive health as they feel too embarrassed to approach a doctor. Social inhibitions, cultural factors and the social stigma people associate with sexual problems are the primary drivers of such a behavior
  • Identification of right experts: Often people do not have an understanding of the right experts/doctors who can be consulted. Also, finding such a care provider is not an easy task as it is currently being provided by a wide array of experts with limited knowledge which is proving to be dangerous. Local vaids, hakims, quacks etc. are flourishing with no formal degree on sexology in India to question them.
Booking lab test
The process is very simple, you can either book a test on the website or you can send your details (like name, age, address, pin code, preferred day and time) on our helpline number +91 9013 161616 or on our email id. Our executive will call and assist you. The reports will be mailed on your registered email address within 48 hours of sample collection.
Absolutely!!! Be rest assured about it. We respect user privacy and our motto is to deliver the best of services in a 100% confidential manner. We do not ask for detailed user information and we do not share user information anywhere.
Yes, you can drop your sample at the laboratory anytime. You just need to book a test as it gives the confirmation of the test. Our trained technician will call you to book an appointment. You can either call him to your preferred location or can coordinate to nearest center. Our technician will guide you to the nearest laboratory.
Sure, you can give a sample in a very confidential way, by calling the technician at your preferred location; could be any park, mall, your car in parking area, any restaurant, or any XYZ location of your choice.
This depends on the tests/ packages you are opting for. Few tests have to done empty stomach. You will be informed accordingly by our executive at the time of booking.
Our labs are NABL-certified. Our testing processes have been thoroughly vetted by medical diagnostic experts to ensure they meet and exceed all lab testing standards for accuracy, integrity and confidentiality. Our testing methods are closely supervised for quality control. We offer guaranteed private STD testing. Call us today at +91 9013 161616.
User's question
  • DrSafeHands is an online healthcare portal which provides online consultation in the area of sexual and reproductive health.
  • We offer a variety of services like online consultation, telephonic consultation, in-person consultation, laboratory tests, Do-it-Yourself (DIY) tests and discussion of reports with the right experts
  • We provide assistance to users in solving a variety of problems in their area of expertise which includes male sexual health, female sexual health, relationship counselling, pre-marriage counselling, LGBT service, fertility, cancer awareness and prevention and cosmetic procedure counselling
  • We have published a wide variety of articles pertaining to sexual and reproductive health on its website blog which the users can visit anytime to read articles of their interest
  • We have posted videos of experts on youtube pertaining to the most common sexual and reproductive health issues to aware the users
If you feel embarrassed or anxious in discussing any health issue, DrSafeHands is there to help - in the most confidential and non-judgmental way.
DrSafeHands provides a number of ways to ask a question to depending on the convenience of the users:
  1. Website – You can visit the website and directly ask your question by clicking on the “Ask Question” button or choosing the concerned clinic. You will need to enter a few details, your medical history and upload any documents/ prescriptions/ reports/ photos. You will be given an option of choosing a doctor or can let us choose the right expert on your behalf. Your question will be then submitted to us. Our website is compatible on all platforms and can be accessed through desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile
  2. Chat engine – You can use the chat option given on the bottom right corner of the home page to ask your query. You just need to provide your email id to start the chat and available doctor’s assistant will assist you in submitting your query and browsing through the website. All the documents/ prescriptions/ reports/ photos can also be uploaded using the chat engine
  3. Whatsapp – You can ask your query by sending a message and other relevant documents/ prescriptions/ reports/ photos through Whatsapp on our helpline number +91 9013 161616. Please share your email id as well so that you can receive the reply on it
  4. Email – You can ask your question by mailing us your query and other relevant documents/ prescriptions/ reports/ photos on our email id
  5. Message - You can ask your query by sending a message on our helpline number +91 9013 161616. Please share your email id as well so that you can receive doctor’s reply on the same
Once we have received your question, our expert will reply you back through email within a span of 6/7 working hours. If you don’t get the reply within the time, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.
At First email consultation is free, a second question onwards; there is small processing fee. You can also ask the follow up query. This fee is valid for 5 days.
Doctor's Question
  1. Positive reviews of user will add to your profile and a strong profile is likely to get greater share of queries
  2. Variety of questions asked by the users will add to your experience as a health professional
  3. You will get exposure to an exponentially increasing base of users willing to ask questions on a regular basis
  4. You can have your own virtual clinic
  5. You will be able to connect with people all over India, which is not possible in regular practice
  6. Whenever you have free time during the day, you can login and answer questions
  7. We publish articles on different platforms like Facebook, twitter, blogs, etc. in the name of doctors. This will enhance your online presence in the industry. Going forward, online reputation will matter a lot as people would first like to check the reviews of any doctor before meeting him
  8. If you are interested, we would also shoot your videos and put these on youtube and our portal. We will bear 75 percent of the cost. You will need to pay a nominal amount
  9. We will be marketing the portal aggressively. Since we are going to focus on limited specialties, your chances of getting patients are much higher than on any other portal
  10. Good source of income for the doctors, earned either through online consultations or by in-clinic consultations referred by DrSafeHands
  11. Earn a stable income without any investment or capital cost. Only a working internet connection is required
  • We fully agree that medicines should not be prescribed without properly assessing the patients. But we believe that in about 50 percent of cases, people need just advise to allay their fears. Or their doctors have not explained things to them and they need to understand a few things better
  • Sometimes all people need is someone to listen to them
  • Usually no medication is needed/ simple OTC medicines can be advised
  • Generally, user needs advice on contraception, advice on how to prevent HIV/ STDs, fears and anxieties about relationships
Yes, absolutely. This is a paid service and you will get the payment in the first week of each month.
No problem at all, you can anytime drop a message to us at +91 9013 161616, saying you would be unable to answer the query. Hence, we will reassign it to someone else.
The process is very simple; you just need to register yourself on the link Doctor Registration
Our executive will give you a welcome call. Later you can upload your documents like degree, registration certificate and PAN card. This is all for the record and also we wish to take certified professionals.
No, you can register yourself at free of cost.
You can connect with our expert by sending what's app/ test message at +91 9013 161616. Or you may call us between 9 AM to 9 PM on the same number.