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Consultation for Sexual and Mental Health


Ask anything about about HIV and common STIs like hepatitis B & C, syphilis, herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomonas etc

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Women's Health

Ask anything from our lady doctors about women's health issues like irregular periods, pain/discomfort, fertility, menopause etc.

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Cervical Cancer

Ask anything about cervical cancer, HPV screening, HPV test, HPV treatment, cervical cancer prevention, etc.

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Men’s Health

Ask anything about Men’s Health like erectile dysfunction, male hormone, testosterone, prostate specific etc.

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LGBTQ+ Health

Connect with queer friendly experts. Get the respect and loving care, you so richly deserve.

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Mental Health

If you feel sad and depressed or have any anxieties or fears, our caring Psychologists will help you

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  1 session (₹499)  ₹2000    Limited period offer

  1 session + 2 followups (₹998)  ₹4000    Valid for 2 weeks

  1 session with other lab reports (₹997)  ₹2000


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  1 session ($15)    Limited period offer

  1 session + 2 followups ($29)    Valid for 2 weeks

Terms for Tele-Counseling

1. This is a counseling service only provided by doctors/therapists.
2. We do not provide emergency services. This is not a crisis intervention service.
3. Prescription available at request. Additional charges shall apply.
4. Our doctors & therapists are based in India.

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Our Team

Meet Our Experts

Dr Kumudwathi Reddy, MBBS

Physician (HIV/PrEP)

Dr Saima Ahemad, MBBS


Dr Kapil Gupta, PGDHM

MD Ayurveda

Dr R.K. Garg, MD


Dr Vanka Sagar

Physician (HIV/PrEP)

Dr Sneha Sharma, MD


Noorain Fareed, MA

Clinical Psychologist

Aiswarya Mohan, M.Sc


Dr Bhagaban Mohapatra, MBBS & MPH

Trained from NACO


Tele-counseling has revolutionized the way individuals receive medical care, providing patients with an accessible, convenient, and confidential way to receive counseling and support. DrSafeHands is at the forefront of this shift, providing tele-counseling services for a range of critical health issues.

HIV and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) have a profound impact on individuals and communities. Concerns range from being unsure about whether one has contracted an STD to finding reliable options for HIV Treatment and STD Treatment. Tele-counseling services provide a safe and confidential environment for people to discuss their concerns and receive the support they need.

Through tele-counseling, experienced online sexual health consultants can provide information on the latest HIV treatments, STD Treatments & Medication, as well as risk reduction methods to help individuals manage their health. If you’re looking for a HIV Specialist near you or an STD Specialist near you, booking a call with an online sexual health consultant can get all your queries addressed in a safe and confidential environment.

Women's health is a critical aspect of overall health, and various topics like reproductive health, menstrual health, pregnancy, Cervical cancer and menopause need to be addressed appropriately. These issues can be sensitive and confidential, and require a safe and supportive environment for women to discuss their concerns.

Men's health is of paramount importance. Information and support on issues such as sexual health, prostate cancer, and erectile dysfunction must be readily available to men. Men should consult experienced sexual health consultants for the assistance that they may need to maintain good health and manage their medical conditions.

DrSafeHands’ tele-counseling also has dedicated online mental health consultants for Mental Health Consultation. Mental Health is an essential aspect of overall health, and our online mental health consultants provide support and counseling for individuals struggling with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and stress.

DrSafeHands’ tele-counseling also offers support and information for the issues faced by the LGBT community, including information on sexual health (including HIV Treatment & STD Treatment) relationships, and mental health. Our online sexual & mental health consultants are available to provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to discuss their concerns and receive the information and support they need.

If you have any doubts related to HIV or STDs and do not have HIV Specialists near you or STD Specialists near you or are hesitant to visit any medical centers, our DrSafeHands medical practitioners are available online to address your queries. For any issues relating to women's sexual health, men's sexual health, cervical cancer, mental health, or LGBT health, our experienced and well-qualified online sexual & mental health consultants are available to provide the support, information, and care that individuals need to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

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