Why DrSafeHands

DrSafeHands is India’s leading digital health platform for sexual and reproductive health & wellness and mental health, a segment which is one of the least served segments in healthcare tech currently. We are striving to solve the broken care options in this segment riddled with societal taboos and barriers, lack of confidentiality, suspect quality & care delivery across the value chain, and graver indifference across genders including LGBTQI+.

Our comprehensive focus on both preventive & curative aspects of gender agnostic care delivery is enabled by a national footprint of 8000+ centres, online counselling technology centre, strong panel of doctors, psychiatrists, nutritionists and counsellors; to provide immediate access, advice and support. We provide a complete suite of full sexual health & wellness screenings, STI & HIV tests, Fertility screenings, Cervical Cancer screenings, pharma products advisory service for STI prevention, and improving overall sexual hygiene. Our care delivery methodology and experience further enables our knowledge partnerships with ecosystem partners to deliver impactful outcomes in this segment.