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Ask a Doctor

Most caring doctors with deep domain expertise. Judgement-free & confidential service. Consult online or meet in person (in select locations). Our doctors can speak multiple languages. Do not feel embarrassed if you have any sexual or mental health issues. Choose to get solutions.

  •  HIV fears and doubts
  •  STIs - Sexually transmitted infections
  •  Pre/Post exposure prophylaxis for HIV
  •  Hepatitis B&C, syphilis, gonorrhea etc
  •  Herpes, chlamydia, trichomonas etc
  •  Special therapies for fears, depression
  •  Women's/LGBTQ+ sexual problems
  •  Mental health experts for CBT, DBT


Post exposure prophylaxis for HIV is a very effective method to prevent HIV transmission, following a high risk sexual activity.

The medicines are safe to use and need to be taken for 28 days. Pre-exposure prophylaxis is meant for prevention before exposure.

  •  Post exposure prophylaxis for HIV
  •  Prevents HIV transmission
  •  Counseling to check eligibility
  •  Prescription by doctor
  •  Pharmacy services
  •  Diagnostic tests
  •  Pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV
  •  Taken before exposure
HIV PEP-PEP treatment
Mental health counselling

Mental Well-being

In conflict with yourself, depressed or anxious, suffering from fears that are taking your happiness away, having relationship issues or obsessive thoughts. Professional help can do wonders. Get special therapies online & offline. Speak your heart out with our caring Psychiatrists & Clinical Psychologists.

  •  Depression
  •  Anxiety disorder
  •  Phobia & fears
  •  Borderline personality disorders
  •  OCD / OCN
  •  Relationship issues
  •  Get counseling & therapy
  •  CBT, DBT, special therapies

Women's Safe Space

Sexual health services for women by women. Only our lady counselors and lady doctors speak with you in full privacy. Sexual health problems, exposures, sexual transmitted infections - our caring and judgement free team shall put you at ease, help you with solutions and bring that smile back to your face.

  •  Fear of STIs/ STDs
  •  High risk exposure
  •  Vaginal itching/discharge
  •  Pain during sex
  •  Female sexual health issues
  •  Consult our lady doctors
  •  Get tests with full privacy
  •  Get treatment, if required
Young Adults

Young Adults

In today's world, young adults are exposed to humungous information on sex and relationships. They indeed navigate a complex terrain with evolving societal norms and confusions related to their own bodies and sexuality. Access to accurate information is essential to foster healthy attitudes and practices.

  •  Safe Practices
  •  Communication & Consent
  •  STI Awareness
  •  Emotional Well-being
  •  Body Positivity
  •  Online Safety
  •  Respectful Relationships
  •  Professional Help
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