Women's Safety Package Test
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Women's Safety Package Test

₹ 3799    ₹6000

This panel tests you for four important viral infections

These are mainly transmitted sexually and by exposure to infected blood or secretions.

It is crucial to test for these since there is no permanent cure. However, timely detection and treatment ensures a full and normal life.

A small step forward. A giant leap for your intimate health.

Virus Sample Complication
HPV (Human Pappiloma Virus) Self collection: swab Cervical Cancer
HBV(Hepatitis B) Blood Liver Cancer
HCV(Hepatitis C) Blood Liver Cancer

Women's Safety Package Test
Test for Cervical cancer,Liver cancer & HIV
Window period:
28 days
Sample required:
Small Blood sample & swab sample (Self collection)
Special Preparation:
Fasting not required
E-reports within 2 to 3 working days
Home sample collection:
Free of cost
Report discussion with experts:
Telephonic discussion for every report & full analysis of reports.
What does it test for?
  • HPV (Human Pappiloma Virus)
  • HIV
  • HBV (Hepatitis B)
  • HCV (Hepatitis C)
  • Where should I get tested?
    We have around 8000+ lab centers pan India. You need to book the slot online. You can choose either home/office sample pickup or lab visit while booking the slot. Once the slot is booked, you will receive a call from our executive. They will assist you in every possible manner.
    When to test?
    These tests should be done as a preventive measure anytime.
    The tests are highly recommended if there is a sexual exposure with someone who may have multiple partners, or there are symptoms like pain during sex, abnormal vaginal bleeding or discharge.
    *The turnaround time for reports is the estimated time. Rarely , the reports may take longer to come due to logistics issues, any public holiday or circumstances beyond our control.
    • Why get tested?
      No symptoms

      HIV transmission cannot be eliminated if individuals do not know their HIV status (i.e., whether they are HIV positive or HIV negative). An HIV test is the only way to determine if a person is living with the virus.

      Increasing rapidly in India

      An estimate of 2,100,000 individuals in India are living with the virus in 2015. Approximately 100,000 new HIV infections occur each year in India.


      More than 50 percent of people living with HIV are unaware that they have the virus

    • What are STIs or STDs ?

      STIs are sexually transmitted infections and are also called as STDs ie sexually transmitted diseases. These are infections that spread by sexual activity.

    • How do I know I have an STI ?

      If you had sexual relationship with a person who may be a stranger or whose status you do not know, it is recommended to get screened for STIs.
      The STIs may not show any symptoms for several weeks or months, hence testing is the safest option.

    • What are the symptoms of STIs or STDs ?

      Ulcer/Sore/Blisters on private parts or around anus or mouth.
      Irregular growth (warts) in genital area.
      Abnormal smelling and discolored discharge from private parts
      Rash/Itching on private areas of body
      Pain while sexual intercourse
      Vaginal bleeding or spotting after sexual intercourse
      Lower abdominal pain
      Pain or swelling of glands in genital area

    • Is there a cure for STDs / STIs ?

      Bacterial STIs can be easily cured with antibiotics if treatment begins early enough.
      The viral STIs are very effectively managed with modern medicines. HIV is easily managed with ART provided it is detected early. People with HIV whose viral load becomes undetectable with ART can expect normal to near normal life spans.
      It is possible to cure Hepatitis C. Hepatitis B can also be effectively managed.
      Fungal and protozoal STIs can usually be cured too.

    • How many people have STDs / STIs ?

      According to WHO , 1 million (10 lakh) STIs occur every day in the world. The good news is, with early detection these can be easily cured or managed.

    Our services may be a bit delayed due to ongoing covid crisis. We assure you, we shall do everything we can to stick to timelines.