Women's Safety Package Test

Window Period : 4 weeks


What is Women's Safety Package Test?

This panel tests you for four important viral infections

These are mainly transmitted sexually and by exposure to infected blood or secretions.

It is crucial to test for these since there is no permanent cure. However, timely detection and treatment ensures a full and normal life.

A small step forward. A giant leap for your intimate health.

Virus Sample Complication
HPV (Human Pappiloma Virus) Self collection: swab Cervical Cancer
HBV(Hepatitis B) Blood Liver Cancer
HCV(Hepatitis C) Blood Liver Cancer

What does it test for?

Where should I get tested?

When to test?

Why getting tested is important?

8 in 10 experience no symptoms

80% of some STIs can remain symptomless for years, causing long term, irreparable damage.

These infections can be life threatening

HIV, HBV, HCV and HPV can be very effectively managed, if timely detection is done

Protecting your partner

One may inadvertently pass on the infection to the partner since symptoms take many months to years to show

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