HIV Early Detection Test

Window Period : 7 to 10 days


What is HIV Early Detection Test?

The PCR RNA test is done only if there is a high risk exposure or there are symptoms of being sero-positive. The advisable test for detection of HIV is antigen/ antibody screening test , done after 28 days of suspected exposure . For some people, PCR RNA test may be done to reduce anxiety , till 28 days are over and they are ready to take the antigen/antibody test.

For routine testing , the right test is antigen/ antibody test.

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What does it test for?

Where should I get tested?

When to test?

Why getting tested is important?

No symptoms

HIV transmission cannot be eliminated if individuals do not know their HIV status (i.e., whether they are HIV positive or HIV negative). An HIV test is the only way to determine if a person is living with the virus.

Increasing rapidly in India

An estimate of 2,100,000 individuals in India are living with the virus in 2015. Approximately 100,000 new HIV infections occur each year in India.


More than 50% of individuals living with HIV are unaware that they have the virus.

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