HIV Early Detection

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HIV Early Detection


RNA PCR for HIV 1 can be done 10 days after the suspected exposure. This is one of the tests that detects presence of HIV virus very early. 
Since the test looks for virus RNA, it is not dependent on production of antibodies by the body. The technique used in PCR test or Polymerase Chain Reaction is to extract and amplify the genetic material of the virus. 
This test must be supplemented by HIV Duo Combo or Elisa for HIV at the end of 4 weeks. 

This is the fourth generation HIV test that looks for p24 antigen as well as antibodies for HIV 1 & 2. 
The test is done after 4 weeks of suspected exposure and is very accurate. However, between day 14 and day 20 , the p24 antigen starts appearing in the blood. Hence , a negative result for HIV Duo Combo during this period gives a lot confidence.

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