Specialised care for STIs and sexual health. Connect with our caring doctors offline/online. Get tests and treatment if needed.

Lab Tests

Our tests are done in certified referral labs by advanced methods. No rapid tests/ card tests done.

  • HIV Risk from a single exposure is very low. Get tested. Feel safe.

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  • STD or STI Most STDs are easily curable. Early detection leads to full cure.

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  • Cervical Cancer A silent killer of young women. Want to know your risk?

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  • Full Body What's measured improves ! Do you want to delay that simple test?

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Ask a Doctor

Caring & non-judgemental doctors. Consult for male, female, LGBT health issues.

  • Mental Health For issues like depression, anxiety, fears, toxic relationships, OCD etc
  • Men's Health Solutions for issues, you feel too inhibited to discuss
  • Women's Health Solutions for issues, you feel too inhibited to discuss


Pre-exposure Prophylaxis for HIV. A pill a day, keeps HIV away.

  • PrEP Eligibility Check if you need PrEP and whether you are eligible to take it
  • PrEP Tests Basic tests to ensure that you can take PrEP safely
  • PrEP Meds USFDA & WHO complaint manufacturer Highly discounted price.
  • PEP Check if you need PEP and whether you are eligible to take it


Reduce mental stress with gems from Ayurveda. Explore solutions to beat HIV

  • PrEP Meds USFDA & WHO complaint manufacturer Highly discounted price.
  • Ayurveda Herbs in their purest form. No mixing of multiple herbs.
  • PEP HIV prevention pill for a high risk exposure

Cervical cancer screening

Self sample collection. Advanced DNA test (FDA approved). No embarrassment. No pain

  • HPV test High risk strain HPV detection can be a life saving tool for young women
  • Group Screening For corporates and women groups , special services available.
  • HPV for Men HPV is a STD. If you are sexually active then should get HPV test done.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I book my test?

    The process is very simple, you can either book a test on the website, get on a live chat (chat icon at the bottom right corner) or Call or WhatsApp at 9013 161616

  • How do I get my reports?

    As soon as your report is ready, you will get an sms with a link to download your reports. You will need to enter your order id number to download the reports. This ensures that no one but you can access the reports. If you have any issue in downloading, just call at 9013 161616 and get your reports over your email directly.

  • Why should I get tested at DrSafeHands?

    DrSafeHands provides counseling support for every test by caring and non-judgemental counselors. Every report is accompanied by a call from a certified doctor who gives you a detailed analysis of each parameter tested, answers all your queries patiently and helps you in every possible way.

  • Are the labs certified?

    All our partner labs are leading diagnostic/ referral labs in the country. Each lab is duly verified by DrSafeHands and carries NABL/CAP/ISO certification.

  • Are my tests confidential ?

    Absolutely. You may get tested anonymously. We do not need your real name. No hard copies of the reports are generated. The person who takes your sample has no access to the reports.

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Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs or STDs)

Sexually transmitted infections or sexually transmitted diseases are caused by thirty different bacteria, viruses, and parasitic infections.

Protect Yourself & Your Partner from HIV and AIDS

HIV (Human Immune deficiency virus) is the most dreaded infection spreads mainly by unprotected sex (including anal and oral sex).


Cervical cancer is cancer which develops in a woman’s cervix. It causes when the cells of the uterus to grow unusually and affect other tissues and organs of the body.

Why Choose Us

  • Most advanced labs duly verified by us
  • Highly confidential & non-judgemental services
  • Caring support by our Doctors and counselors for every test
  • Zero marketing emails or sms. We respect your privacy too much
  • Free pre-test and post-test counselling for every test over a call.
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