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Whenever you have a general health need, what do you do? Call a friend, meet your family doctor, google your symptoms or simply try some home remedies. What happens when the problem is more private in nature. Something you are not comfortable talking about even with your family doctor.

Something like Erectile Dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation. It could be that some small little Genital Wart that has you worked up and you start counting when did you have Unprotected Sex last and oh my God! – Is it HIV?

In Women, it could be

or she simply does not feel like having sex any more, something she loved earlier.
She used contraceptives all along and now when she is trying to get pregnant, her fertility is in question. The desperation to feel like a normal woman and be a mother might be killing her from inside.

LGBTQ: We still have not learnt to treat them with respect, they deserve. DrSafeHands has taken a pledge to take special care of the LGBTQ Community, with their personal health issues.

Relationship Issues: You are together for so many years. Times just rolled by and you never realised when you started drifting apart. You still fervently wish that good times return and you two remain together but cannot figure out, just what went wrong. At times like these , it’ s not easy to reach out for help. The embarrassment and the fears and anxieties hold you back.

Ok ! I will talk with an expert tomorrow You seem to telling this to yourself every day. Period.


Our top experts help you in addressing the most intimate and personal health issues be it , sexual health , reproductive health , relationship issues , fertility related problems, cancers like cervical or breast cancer and so on .
If you feel embarrassed or anxious in discussing any health issue , we are there to help -- in the most confidential and non-judgemental way .


We are a group of doctors and techies- a blend of experience and youth , a mixture of highly skilled sincere doctors and carefree youngsters who believe that nothing is impossible with technology.

How Do We Help:

We feel proud to boast that we have helped thousands of people with such needs. We have about a hundred experts from across specialties that look into your health issues, putting their skills to best use, to help you.

We provide online sexual health consultation , phone consultation and face to face consultation with our experts. Our other core areas are reproductive health, fertility, help on cancers like cervical cancer , breast cancer, prostate cancer, adolescent counselling, sex education etc. We also provide help on relationship issues. If you have any vague issue that you feel too embarrassed to discuss, just try us once. Chances are we will have an expert suitably skilled to help you.

We pride ourselves in having most qualified experts on board and in being absolutely confidential and non-judgemental. We have top urologists and andrologists, top gynaecologists, top sexologists ,top dermatologists (skin specialists) , top psychiatrists and psychologists and a lot more. We are evolving and learning new things every daywith the sole aim to serve you better.

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