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Dr Neha Malhotra
Qualification : Not Specified
Experience : 5 Years
Speciality : Cosmetic Surgery

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Breast lift/ augmentation

Hi, I am a 30 year old female, 5.4” tall, 55kgs weight. I live a healthy lifestyle, my periods are regular. I got married in 2014, since then my husband is unhappy because of my small size breast, I read about breast enhancement on internet, is it safe to go for such treatment? Please suggest.
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Hi, I am 38 years female, last night I noticed a lump on my husband’s chest, it was about 2cm in size, painless and was hard on touching. He is of 40 years of age, does take BP medication since 5 years, he smokes 4/5 cigarettes in a day. What should we do?
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face lift

Hi, I am 40 years of age, I noticed fine lines of aging under nose, around my eyes and cheeks. I have tried all the creams but nothing worked. My Dermalogist suggested me face lift procedure. Are these procedures successful? Please suggest.
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tummy tuck

Hi, I am turning 50, my height is 5.7” and my weight is 98kgs. This weight is troubling me a lot both mentally and physically. My Blood pressure is in normal range. Do not have any other history of illness. I want to reduce my weight surgically. Is it possible? Please suggest.
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gender change/reassignment

Hi, I am 32 years of age, not married. I feel that I am a female trapped in a male body. After thinking it over for many months , I have finally decided to go for sex change/ gender reassignment surgery. I want to know which doctor should I approach. Are such surgeries successful? How long will it take before I can live as a female after surgery? Please advise.
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Rhinoplasty/ nose job

Hi, I am 23 years old female, recently got into modeling, I think my nose is very broad and slightly bent. I read on internet about it, and I am confused whether I should go for cosmetic surgery or not? Will I have any side effects after surgery? Will there be any scars? Please help.
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chin lift

Hi, I am 45 years old female and slightly overweight, because of which I have a double chin. My friends and family often make fun of it, which makes me conscious about my looks. Please guide me how can I get rid of this. Thanks.
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Who uses Dr. safehands

I was about to get married and was full of doubts. Needed to ask many questions. Most of all, I needed to be sure that my would be husband is free from any infections like HIV. But I had no idea how to do that. Just one call with DrSafeHands counsellor solved all my issues.

Jessica M, Goa
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