Masturbation Addiction In Females

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Masturbation or solo-sex is an act of self-arousal or self-stimulation practiced by both males and females. It is a very common, natural and harmless practice until it becomes an obsession where the self-stimulation leads to self-love and causes emotional and physical disconnect with the outside world.

Q What are the causes of masturbation addiction :

  1. Feeling of neglect or abandoned
  2. Abuse during childhood
  3. Loneliness
  4. Suppressed anger or rage
  5. High sex drive
  6. Trouble forming relationships

Q What are the symptoms of masturbation in males?

You know you are addicted to masturbation if
  1. you are compelled to self-stimulate on a regular basis
  2. it affects your daily routine
  3. you crave for rougher, harder sex
  4. it affects your relationship with your partner
  5. it causes physical injury or harm to the genitals
  6. you are having difficulty in achieving orgasm gradually
  7. it forces you to isolate yourself from the real world.
Unlike males who use porn, females generally fantasize on romantic stories or novels to self-stimulate.

Q What are the effects of masturbation in Females?

  • Vaginal dryness or injury due to constant or excessive stimulation
  • Insensitivity of G-spot and clitoris
  • Lack of interest in actual sexual encounters with partner
  • More prone to vaginal infections or injury
  • Failure to achieve orgasm
  • Lack of closeness or emotional bonding with partner or close family members.
  • Irritability or short temper
  • Dissatisfaction from others
  • Disinterest in other daily activities
  • Many experts agree that there is no direct relation between masturbation and fertility problems.

Q What are the treatments/managements of masturbation in Females?

  1. Counselling with a sex therapist is highly beneficial
  2. Sex addiction support group therapy
  3. Indulging in other activities like cultivating a hobby or sport
  4. Socialising or interacting with others as it takes your mind off masturbation for some time
  5. Exercise and meditation will bring peace of mind and better control on your senses
  6. Make love without aiming at orgasm or sexual pleasure.

Masturbation is mostly considered a manly act and thus, females feel ashamed of admitting to it. However, it is equally common amongst women and need to be discussed and dealt with at the earliest, especially if it has become uncontrollable.