PRANA forte

PRANA forte

A Herbal Kingdom Product


1. Deep stress and sadness, inability to feel happy

2. Helps in reducing overthinking and repetitive thoughts

3. Anxiety due to addictions like masturbation addiction

4. Acts as a nerve tonic, improves mental abilities

5. Improves quality of sleep with no sedation.

Directions for use:
1 capsule twice a day or as directed by the physician

Brahmi, Shankhpushpi and Jyotishmati are very effective ayurvedic herbs in treating various mental conditions. Synergic effect of all these three herbs combined together is simply wonderful.

PRANA forte contains the standardized extracts of all these herbs. Standardized extracts make sure the consistency, quality and the optimal levels of active compounds in the herbal extracts.

Standardized extracts are very important in preserving the active compounds of herbs. If we simply use the crushed powder of a herb then it is far less potent as compared to the standardized extracts. In that case an intake of much larger quantity is required. Standardized extracts are always tested in labs for their quality assurance to meet the set standards.


ü Bacopa is the best natural brain tonic which helps in the regeneration process of brain cells. It promotes mental well-being.

ü An active compound in Brahmi is Bacosides. It has been shown to stave off mental degradation that comes with age.

ü It improves the cognitive aspects of the brain.  

ü It helps in dealing with opioid addiction. It also acts as protective cushion around organs that might be prone to damage from overuse of opioid and pain medications.

ü Brahmi herb is very effective in insomnia, stress and anxiety.

ü It is very good for skin, liver, hair growth and immunity. It removes free radicals from the system.


ü It is a potent brain tonic that helps in reducing stress levels, improving memory and relaxing the brain.

ü It reduces the effect of toxins in the brain and improves the quality of sleep.

ü It is a natural antidepressant that helps rejuvenating the brain and induces a feeling of calmness and wellness.

ü It enhances learning capabilities by treating mental fatigue.

ü It is also known to possess analgesic properties which are totally natural and are without any side effects.

ü Shankhpushpi holds high significance in providing relief from chronic headache and tension.


ü Jyotishmati is one of the few Ayurvedic herbs which enhances memory and intellect. It nourishes brain cells.

ü It is very effective in treating nervous system weakness.

ü This plant is very well known for its properties in stimulating the intellect and sharpening the memory.

It is also used in increasing intelligence quotient (I.Q).

Brahmi extract                             200mg

Shankhpushpi extract                 200 mg

Jyotishmati extract                     100 mg

1. Do not exceed the recommended dose

2. For use by adults only.

3. For use in children, please take advise from an Ayurvedic doctor

4. Do not use if bottle seal pack is broken.

5. Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.