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HIV, STI/STD Test, Counseling And Treatment In Mumbai 

Are you concerned about your sexual health? Have you recently engaged in unprotected sex or are you experiencing unusual symptoms? DrSafeHands offers reliable HIV/STD/STI testing, counseling, and treatment in Mumbai!  
Mumbai, the financial capital of India, is known for its vibrant culture, high-rise buildings, and fast-paced life. With a bustling population of over 20 million people, it’s important to have access to reliable healthcare services, especially for sexual health.  
Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV continue to be public health concerns. In Mumbai, there has been an increase in the number of people diagnosed with STIs and HIV over the years. Therefore, it is essential to understand the importance of early detection of these infections and the benefits of testing.​

Benefits of Early Detection of HIV & STIs 

Early detection of HIV and other STIs is vital for the effective management of these infections. The Early Detection HIV Test enables one to know their HIV status early which in turn allows early treatment in cases of people who are HIV positive. As such, undertaking the Early Detection 
HIV Test and early diagnosis of HIV helps to prevent the progression of HIV, reduces the risk of complications, and prevents transmission of the virus. Regular testing for HIV and STIs is recommended, especially for those who are sexually active. If a person has engaged in a risky sexual encounter, they should opt for either online HIV testing or book an HIV test near them. 

Benefits of Testing for HIV & STIs 

The benefits of online HIV testing or booking an STD or HIV Test near you are multifold: 

  • Access to Early Treatment 
  • Ability to make informed decisions 
  • Prevention of Transmission to others 
  • Protection of the Patient’s partner 
  • Peace of Mind 
  • Reduced Stigma  
One of the most common tests for HIV and STIs is HIV testing 4th generation. HIV testing 4th generation is the most accurate and reliable method for the detection of HIV. Other tests include the Early Detection HIV Test (HIV RNA PCR test), which can detect the virus if taken 9-11 days after a risky exposure.  
It is crucial to understand that STIs & STDs affect both men and women. Therefore, regular STI testing is necessary for both genders. There are numerous STD testing options available. STD testing for men and women includes testing for STDs like Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes, and Syphilis. 
The stigma associated with HIV and STIs often prevents people from getting tested. However, it is essential to note that early detection is crucial in the management of these infections. Regular STD testing for men and women can help to reduce the spread of these infections and prevent complications.  
DrSafeHands’ HIV & STD/STI testing center in Mumbai is dedicated to providing early detection services and timely treatment options under the supervision of a well-qualified team of expert doctors and healthcare professionals. We offer a variety of testing options to cater to the needs of your sexual health. Our HIV test center provides both online and in-person testing services, like HIV testing 4th generation or the HIV RNA PCR test.​

Comprehensive Testing for HIV & STIs In Mumbai 

Our HIV test centers are easily accessible, with multiple locations throughout Mumbai. We cover diverse regions within Mumbai including Badlapur, Nala Sopara, Ulhasnagar, Dombivli, Kalyan, Mira Road, Bhayandar, Vasai & Virar amongst many others. We also provide home sample collection services (online HIV testing), making it even more convenient for you to get tested. DrSafeHands offers: 

Affordable Online Tests, Home Sample Collection & Counseling With Experts 

Regular HIV testing and STD testing are recommended as early detection can help to prevent complications and improve the quality of life. Don't let stigma prevent you from getting tested. Take control of your sexual health today! 
For additional resources by the Government for HIV & STIs, please refer to the guidelines and initiatives of The National Aids Control Organisation (NACO): 


​Q - What types of HIV tests are available at DrSafeHands Mumbai?​
A - DrSafeHands offers comprehensive testing options for HIV, including HIV testing 4th generation and the Early Detection HIV Test (HIV RNA PCR test). ​
Q - What types of STI tests are available at DrSafeHands Mumbai?​
A - DrSafeHands offers to test for STIs such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes, and Syphilis amongst many other STIs & STDs. You can consult our experienced medical practitioners to 
determine the STI tests appropriate for you.​
Q - Does DrSafeHands offer home sample collection services for HIV testing?​
A - Yes, DrSafeHands offers home sample collection services for HIV testing, making it extremely convenient for patients to get tested. 

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