STD Panel Premium Test

Window Period : 28 days


What is STD Panel Premium Test?

They can be transmitted by:

  1. Having unprotected sex with an infected individual,
  2. Having oral or anal sex,
  3. Ruptured condom during sex,
  4. Sex with multiple partners or sexual worker,
  5. Sharing infected needles for drugs, piercing, tattooing or razors for shaving,
  6. Skin contact with the infected discharges and to the baby through an infected mother.

The STD Panel Premium includes advanced screening tests for HIV 1&2 and common STDs like Hepatitis B , Hepatitis C, HSV 2 (genital herpes) , Chlamydia , Syphilis and Gonorrhea.

In today’s time , most of the STDs are easily curable/ manageable if detected early. Even HIV can be easily managed and is considered a lifestyle disease now. People with HIV live full, complete and high quality lives.
The STDs may or may not show any symptoms. Hence , timely testing in case of a suspected exposure ensures safety of the individual and their partner.

Sample Type: Blood and Urine

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