Watery discharge during sex
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Watery discharge: Is it normal, and what does it mean?

And then I was very excited. But when we started to make love, I felt a lot of pain. I felt sore and dry.  A lot of women feel this way at times and a moment to cherish turns into a painful memory watery discharge during sex.

For joyful lovemaking, it is so very important that the natural secretions happen. These secretions are a natural body reaction to arousal.

watery discharge during sex

Every female has this kind of discharge when sexually aroused, though it may vary in amount and consistency from woman to woman. It also varies from one sexual encounter to the next as well. This happens to make love making more easy and joyful. This normal physiological process of white or clear watery discharge during sex released by the Bartholin glands and skene’s gland also has a peculiar smell which isn’t an offensive one. The smell has the pheromonal influence over the partner inducing him to connect with you.

Vaginal discharges or watery discharge are a common occurrence throughout a female’s life. It may change in consistency as per menstrual cycle and woman’s life cycle –prepubertal, postpubertal and postmenopausal or during intercourse but the source is the same.

Various other factors like woman’s age, amount of sexual activity that she is involved in, hormonal changes, medications, and presence of any infection etc affect the quantity and consistency of the vaginal discharge.

watery discharge during sex

During lovemaking, its consistency and quantity increase depending on the extent of sexual arousal and intimacy between partners. This release is pre-preparation of the body for the act and it increases so that it can provide lubrication for the act.

Like men, when females are sexually aroused there is increased blood supply to their pelvic area, which causes erection of the clitoris and more mucus secretion from the Bartholin and Skene’s glands which are situated near cervix and vagina. And unlike men who ejaculate during orgasm, female secrete thick whitish discharge or watery discharge during sex by contracting the vaginal and uterine muscles.

If it doesn’t happen it may cause a painful experience in lovemaking. And in some, watery discharge during sex may be too much which may lead to excessive lubrication resulting in decreased sensitivity and decreased snug sensation to male partner as well. The reason behind this can be low androgen hormone and abnormal amounts of estrogen and progesterone.

Whatever be the condition the partners should indulge more in foreplay rather than getting into the act of penetration early on.

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