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Complete care for sexual health, online & offline. Easy access to friendly counselors & doctors. High end labs and pharmacy, at best prices.

Lab Tests

High end referral labs - certified & accredited. Unmatchable value for price. Home samples and lab visits in 200+ cities.

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Ask a Doctor

Most caring doctors with deep domain expertise. Judgement-free & confidential service. Consult online or meet in person.

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One pill a day keeps HIV away. Had a high risk exposure - consult us to check if you need PEP.

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Mental Well-being

In conflict with yourself, depressed or anxious. Professional help can do wonders. Get special therapies online & offline.

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Women's Corner

Sexual health services for women by women. Only lady counselors and lady doctors speak with you in full privacy.

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LGBTQ+ Corner

Experience our queer friendly ecosystem. Peer counselors and doctors you will love to speak with. Get tests and consults.

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Lab Tests

Our tests are done in certified referral labs by advanced methods.
No rapid tests/ card tests done.

  • HIV Risk from a single exposure is very low. Get tested. Feel safe.

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  • STD or STI Most STDs are easily curable. Early detection leads to full cure.

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  • PRE MARRIAGE TEST In relationship ! You are just one step away from fun without fear

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  • Full Body What's measured improves ! Do you want to delay that simple test?

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  • MEN'S HEALTH Know your hormones and get screened for prostate cancer as well.

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  • WOMEN'S HEALTH Feeling low, period problems. Your hormones can unravel mysteries.

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  • HPV Tests A silent killer of young women. Can cause cancers in men

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  • PREGNANCY Know your status. Get routine pregnancy tests at never before prices.

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Ask a Doctor

Ask anything related to sexual or mental health.

  • HIV fears and doubts
  • STIs - sexually transmitted infections
  • PEP & PrEP for HIV
  • Syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomonas etc
  • Herpes, Hepatitis B & C , HPV etc
  • Depression, anxiety, fears - Special Therapies
  • LGBTQIA+ health issues
  • Women's sexual disorders

We understand you.

Get help by caring Doctors, Psychiatrists and Psychologists

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Sexual & Mental Wellness Experts

Why Choose Us

DrSafeHands are the first dedicated sexual health and well being online service in India. Our highly trained and caring team of doctors, counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists ensure that you get the care you deserve in the most professional manner. We provide full stack care for sexual as well as mental health.

From counseling, doctor consults online/ in person, lab tests, prescriptions, medicines, going on to preventive care & rehab - we provide end to end care that no one else can.

  • Most advanced labs duly verified by us
  • Highly confidential & non-judgemental services
  • Caring support by our Doctors and counselors for every test
  • Zero marketing emails or sms. We respect your privacy too much
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Rewards & Recognition

For our work, we have won national and international recognition and acclaim.

Startup Chile - Santiago 2017

Smart Nation - Singapore 2019

Aisea - IIT Hyderabad 2020

Mass Challenge - Switzerland 2021

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Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs or STDs)

Sexually transmitted infections or sexually transmitted diseases are caused by thirty different bacteria, viruses, and parasitic infections.

Protect Yourself & Your Partner from HIV and AIDS

HIV (Human Immune deficiency virus) is the most dreaded infection spreads mainly by unprotected sex (including anal and oral sex).


Cervical cancer is cancer which develops in a woman’s cervix. It causes when the cells of the uterus to grow unusually and affect other tissues and organs of the body.