MyVajra (My Vajra)

MyVajra (My Vajra)

MyVajra is produced by Laurus Labs Limited, a publicly listed pharmaceutical company based out of Hyderabad and part of Forbes 500 list. Laurus Labs is the largest manufacturer of HIV related antiviral drugs in the world. Out of 24 Mn patients with HIV worlwide, one in three are leading a healthy life because of a Laurus product.

Laurus products are supplied in more than 96 countries in the world including US, EU, and China. MyVajra is manufactured at a plant approved by USFDA, WHO and the EU, the most stringent regulatory authorities in the world. The same plant is used to supply products in US and EU.


People irrespective of gender, sexual orientation and sexual behavior

PrEP can be used for HIV negative adults (> 18yrs) who-

  1. Have condom less vaginal and anal sex; and/or had a bacterial STD (sexually transmitted disease) in the last 6 months.
  2. Have shared injection or drug preparation equipment in the last 6 months.
  3. Have ongoing sexual relationship with a HIV positive partner who is not virally suppressed.
  4. MSM , engaging in unprotected anal sex with another man (receptive or insertive)
  5. A transgender individual engaging in unprotected sex (vaginal or anal)
  6. Someone who exchanges sex for money and engages in unprotected sex (vaginal or anal)
  7. Is MSM, Transgender individual or a person that exchanges sex for money with diagnosed or reported STI (sexually transmitted infection)
  8. Has unprotected sex (vaginal or anal) with 1 or more partners of unknown HIV status who are known or believed to be at substantial risk of HIV infection.
  9. Had PEP (Post exposure prophylaxis) for sexual exposure.
Directions for use:

Generally taken as one tablet a day for weeks to months. To be taken as prescribed by Physician

It is highly effective in preventing HIV infection when taken as prescribed, from sex and Injection drug use.

It is around 99% effective in preventing HIV infection via sex when taken as prescribed.

It is around 74% effective in preventing HIV infection via Injection drug use when taken as prescribed.

The risk of getting HIV from sex can be even lower if  PrEP is combined with condoms. 

Maximum drug levels are reached in rectal tissues after 7 days and in blood and vaginal tissues in 21 days

It is a combination of 2 anti-HIV medicines

Tenofovir di isoproxyl fumarate 300mg + Emtricitabine 200mg

You must be HIV negative before you start PrEP and while taking, test for PrEP

It is only for people who are at risk of getting HIV and Weight at least 35kg/77pounds

Does not prevent other STIs ( sexually transmitted infections) or Pregnancy

Many HIV tests can miss HIV infection in a person who has recently been infected. Tell your Health care provider if you have had a Flu like illness within the last month before starting PrEP or at any time while on PrEP.

Do not miss any doses. Missed doses increase the risk of infection.