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Marriage is a lifelong commitment for both the partners and along with it brings a lot of responsibilities. Once you are married your life changes drastically. Now you cannot think only about yourself but also your potency. And rightly so.


More responsibility

One more thing expected of an Indian when he or she gets married is to be ready to have sex. And the main purpose of this is to bring forth your own progeny and advance your family legacy. Both the partners need to be well aware of how to have an intercourse and how to satisfy the partner.

Being apprehensive no solution

But for some, the thought of indulging in a sex act may bring jitters though they have agreed for the marriage. A number of men may be worried about their performance in the sexual act and also potency, especially if they have not indulged in any kind of sex act prior to this. This is natural and the male ego in a man always has an upper hand and he would not want to fail in front of his wife. But he cannot avoid being worried about his performance also.

Seek timely and proper help

In such a case either you should talk about it to someone you trust. It can be a family member, friend or even your GP. The former two would advise you how to perform and build your confidence no doubt but the latter will go a step further and recommend some tests like the potency test or sperm count test. The doctor may also want to confirm if the issue is physical or psychological. Accordingly, you may be offered treatment and most of the time this will surely work out in your favor.

Get treatment

Yes, you may feel embarrassed to open up on this subject to anyone else. Now you need not stay worried on this count as you have help from an invisible person in the form of a website the Drsafehands. You can log in to this website and seek any kind of medical help. You may be then counseled to use the YO kit to know your sperm count. This you can do in the privacy of your home too. If the test states that the count is too low for you to make your wife pregnant then you can go for medical help to increase this on their recommendation and get cured too.

Being worried is no answer to any issue, seeking help is.

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