Around 14-16% of couples are infertile according to the deduction of some surveys conducted across the globe. Of them, nearly a third is due to male infertility. Even after regular unprotected sex and a try to conceive for a long time they remain childless. This is a major issue facing the world and the causes in each of the couples may be different.

Male Infertility

Key features leading to infertility

So what are the main causes of male infertility? It can be physical, mental, environmental, lifestyle or even functional. This is the broad categorization. A couple not able to conceive needs to look for symptoms.

In the male, it can be any one of the following

  • Issues with sexual function- low sexual desire, difficulty in ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and so on.
  • Gynecomastia
  • Pain, lump or swelling in and around the testicle
  • Hormonal abnormality
  • Low sperm count

These are just indicators. There can be some other causes due to the lifestyle like substance abuse and smoking or mental causes like stress or even environmental like pollution and so on.

Privacy is maintained

Most of them may be visible and known to the husband but he would hesitate to contact a specialist due to shyness or fear of being ridiculed for his flaw. So if none of these are the cause of fertility it could be the hormonal abnormality and low sperm count but these may not be deduced to be causes unless medical help is sought.

To know if any of the latter is one of the causes for infertility some tests need to be done. For the likes of you who are shy to seek medical help going there in person Drsafehands has come out with a novel solution. You can buy a YO kit from them and test your sperm count in the privacy of your home. The results can also be seen immediately on your phone screen and then take proper action.

Solution at hand

Also, this website can be used to contact the experts if you have any issue in making your wife pregnant. You can discuss your problem with the specialist and seek medical help and treatment. You will be guided as to whom to contact in your locality and get a cure for the problem that you facing.

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