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There can be an abnormal change in the tissues in the cervical cancer area. This can be due to the presence of the HPV the Human Papillomavirus. The infection can be due to various reasons.

They can be because of having multiple sex partners and being sexually active early in life.  With such exposure, the chance of infection can increase.


Precancerous state

The HPV can cause genital warts and some kind of abnormal skin disorders. This can be seen in the form of change in the cervical cells and this can thus pave the way for the development of cancer. So whether you are in this precancerous state needs to be tested.

There can be some bleeding between menstrual periods in some women. Usually, some women feel no pain during intercourse but if there is sudden pain during such an act it can point to the development of a precancerous state in an individual.

Tests to be done

In such a case the first step is to undergo the Pap smear test and the HPV DNA test. If there is any presence of such abnormal cells and the presence of HPV these tests will confirm.  Usually, women older than 30 and those who are active in unprotected sexual activity and also having multiple sex partners are at risk.

Cervical Cancer Screening Test

So these women are advised to undergo the pap smear test. Then they need to repeat this again in a couple of years. Any woman who has an unusual feeling also should contact the gynecologist and know from the specialist the reason for that and should undergo the tests requested by the expert.

Positive Result

Those who have got a positive result in the pap smear test are recommended to undergo the HPV DNA test. If they test positive, it may be inferred that the woman is cancerous.

Then some confirmatory tests like imaging tests and visual examination are done to find out the stage of cancer. Once the stage of the cancer is confirmed the treatment plan is planned by the medical experts.

Stages of cancer and treatment

  • Stage I of cancer usually points to the fact that the cancer is confined to the cervix and treatment may include a hysterectomy. In this surgical removal of the uterus and cervix is involved.
  • If cancer has reached stage II then also a similar treatment plan is recommended as cancer would have spread to the other organs like the upper portion of the vagina. Then the parts that are affected also are removed via the surgery.
  • Stage III cancer is still deeper invasion to other parts of the body. This calls for radiation and chemotherapy along with surgery and removal of the infected parts which may be uterus, cervix and other parts too.
  • The last stage of stage IV is most probably incurable and then through chemotherapy and radiation is offered as treatment, the patient may also need palliative care. This may improve the quality of life of the cancer patient. It allows some relief from the pain that the patient is suffering.
  • All the stages of cancer the patient may be under medication. Some of the medication may have side effects, then these also need to be treated. So the patient needs to be under the constant vigilance of an expert.

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