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Aspiring for an offspring after attaining marital bliss is pretty natural for any couple. But for some, unfortunately, cannot this is unattainable due to some fertility issues & sperm count. Indeed, at the outset, you may not doubt about having such issues but the woman not being able to conceive after a prolonged unprotected sex between the couple would call for fertility tests to be done for both.

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Tips for increasing fertility

When one of them is diagnosed with low fertility the doctor may prescribe some therapy and give some tips on increasing fertility. The causes can be various but by following these tips most of the fertility issues can be addressed.

These are general tips for both the genders.

  • You need to check your diet. Eating healthy will increase your general health. Being a bit unhealthy may the cause for low fertility. So include nutritious food that contains all the nutrients in right measures to stay healthy and robust always.
  • Also, you may have weight issues. Either you are overweight or underweight. You may need to seek a specialist to get back to normal weight for your age and height. Follow these diligently. The change in weight cannot come in a single day and you need to have the patience to attain it.
  • Lack of exercise may be a cause for being a bit on the unhealthy side and may have led to low fertility. So buck up and shed your lethargy and increase your physical activity. Go walking, jogging or do some exercise that increases your vitality and general health.
  • Smoking and substance abuse needs to be curbed and/or given up. These are major causes for low fertility. So stop smoking and limit your alcohol intake. Within a few days, you may see the difference in libido.
  • There may be an underlying medical condition. Contact your general practitioner to know if it is affecting the fertility. Treating it in the proper way may lead to an increase in fertility after taking due precautions and undergoing the right therapies.
  • Environmental toxins may be the reason for low fertility too. You need to combat it with either changing your location or taking some supplements to overcome it. This is
  • Stay calm and become stress-free. Stress is a big villain when it comes to a happy life for humans. Have no place for it and find ways to combat it. Soon you may increase your fertility and be on the family way.

Low sperm count treatment

The cause for low fertility may be due to the man having a low sperm count. Then your medical practitioner may have some kind of treatment plan for you. Most of the above-listed tips also help in increasing the sperm count. Over and above that the doctor may prescribe some medication that may help increase the sperm count.

Some specialized treatment or exercise will also be recommended and following that there may be an increase in the sperm count and result in the pregnancy of the wife.

Online consultation a solution

Talking about fertility issues is not a comfortable zone for any couple who has not openly discussed things about sex especially with strangers. So why not log in to the site Drsafehands and discuss your issue with an online consultant here.

You may get the best advice of your life and also you may be recommended the best doctor or specialist in your town to consult. You can also try the Yo Kit to know your sperm count as recommended by the online consultant and get advice based on its result. This will surely solve your fertility issues.

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