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In our last two blogs, we have already briefed about the reason, signs, and symptoms of cervical cancer which is must to know for everyone. After reading those blogs, you could able to gather some knowledge about the root cause of Cervical cancer.

Cervical Cancer

You might be in skepticism after knowing that Cervical Cancer is one of emerging cancer spreading in a faster way in our country due to the shortage of responsiveness and understanding.

While you all might be aware that cervical cancer mostly detected among women of the 24-40 age group, as you know India is a culturally rich country, discussing a private body part and sexual health is considered as a taboo, so women prefer to remain silent in this matter.

They tolerate the pain until their health condition becomes worse and by the time they consult doctors, their cancer is in the advanced stage which is not able to treatable.

According to a survey conducted by the National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research (NICPR), one woman dies of cervical cancer every eight minutes in India.

Conferring to the report, released by E&Y in association with Ficci Flo, in 2015, India ranked among the top two countries globally on mortality of key women-specific cancers. The rate of cancers is quite higher than the maternal mortality rate.

India topped the list for death for breast and cervical cancers and reported the second highest incidence of ovarian cancer globally. Diseases of the breast (19%), cervix uteri (14%) and ovary (7%) contributed to 40% of all cancer incidence among women with states such as Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Delhi having the highest rate for these cancers.

The report also says that 2,000 new patients are diagnosed with cancer every day amongst them 1200 cases are detected in the advanced stage.

While discussing the cervical cancer senior consultant of Surgical Oncology at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, says “Two percent of the Indian women who have cancer are in 20-to-30-years age group, 16 percent are in 30 to 40, 28 percent are in 40 to 50 age group. So, almost 46 percent of women patients is below 50.

cervical cancer

As per the news report published by leading English daily ‘The Times of India’, a joint study on cervical cancer prepared by ASSOCHAM-National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research reveals, India alone accounts for one-fourth of the global burden of cervical cancer 1, 2. It accounts for 17 percent of all cancer deaths among women aged between 30-69v years.


It is estimated that cervical cancer will occur in approximately 1 in 53 Indian women during their lifetime compared with 1 in 100 women in more developed regions of the world.

Recently National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research (NICPR) has released its statistical data on cervical cancer as below.

Ø  Women of rural areas are at high risk of developing cervical cancer as compared to the urban regions.

Ø  Cervical cancer in India in accounting for 22.86% of all cancer cases in women and 12% of all cancer cases in both men and women.

Ø  New cases registered: 96,922

Ø  Deaths: 60,078

Ø  Median age:  38 years (age 21–67 years).

Ø  Cervical cancer is the third largest cause of cancer mortality in India accounting for nearly 10% of all cancer-related deaths in the country

Ø  The relative five-year survival averages to 48.7 %.


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