hiv testing at home pros and cons

HIV Testing at Home: Pros and Cons

HIV testing plays a crucial role in preventing the spread of the virus and ensuring early detection for effective management. With advancements in technology and accessibility, home-based HIV testing has become an option for many individuals. In this blog, we will explore the pros and cons of HIV testing at home, providing valuable insights to […]


sexual health checkup

Stay On Top of Your Sexual Health: Top 5 Tests for Sexual Health Check-Up

Sexual health refers to a state of physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being related to sexuality. Sexual health and wellness are important aspects of overall health, and regular check-ups can help detect potential issues and prevent their spread. Getting tested regularly is an essential part of maintaining sexual wellness. It can help detect sexually transmitted […]


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HIV sexual problem

एचआईवी (ह्युमन इम्युनोडेफिशिएंसी वायरस) और एड्स (अधिग्रहित इम्यूनोडिफीसिअन्सी सिंड्रोम) क्या है?

ध्यान दे:- उपरोक्त लक्षण कुछ दिनों से लेकर कई हफ्तों तक रह सकते हैं। इस समय के दौरान, संक्रमण एचआईवी परीक्षण पर दिखाई नहीं दे सकता है, लेकिन जिन लोगों को यह होता है वे अत्यधिक संक्रामक होते हैं और यह दूसरे व्यक्ति तक भी फैला सकते हैं.