Hi. My name is Candida. I am a type of fungus/yeast. People hate me and I hate them too. And thus, I love troubling them. I cause various infections on their skins, mouths , throats and many other parts of the body. Currently, I have occupied a female body. Let me take you to my new home. (more…)

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sexless marraige


Sapna and I dated for 3 months before tying the knot. Though I loved her deeply, I never physically displayed my emotions to her. Given the attractive and gorgeous girl that she was, anybody would have died to just hold her hand. But I could never gather enough courage to tell her than I am not inclined to physical intimacy. (more…)

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Smoke Carries It All Away !!

15, June 2016

Dear Diary,
Today, I had a fight with my husband; again. It is a common thing these days. However, it was the first time he threatened me with divorce. I was thrown aback with his outburst. He was infuriated by all the smoke in the dining room. My cigarette has been coming between us every now and then. He never had a problem with my habit of smoking before, until he got to know that I could not conceive because of this awful habit.

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The day that was most memorable for me once had suddenly, turned into the most unfortunate one.

I was in the final semester of my management school when the first job letter was placed in my hands. At a young age of 24, this achievement made me feel at the top of the world. The career-oriented girl that I was, it gave a new boost to my confidence. I never looked back since then. (more…)

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Finally, she hugged me tightly and sobbed uncontrollably. I could feel her pain drenching my clothes. “So much baggage she’s been carrying around”, I wondered.
After a few minutes, she composed herself and began to speak— “I was 10 years old when he first forced himself upon me. I tried to escape but he was huge and very strong. He crushed me….both physically and mentally”. Another tear rolled down her eyes, which were fixed to the ground in shame. (more…)

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It’s Not Just About The Breasts: It’s About Your Life!!

Hitting thirties? Here are a few things you should know:

Day by day one’s body is changing and aging slowly. By the time we reach 30 years of age, most of us are so busy with our careers and families that we tend to forget the most important part of life i.e. “Being Healthy”. (more…)

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