I came to this earth crying, afraid that the pain and difficulties I had suffered were just the beginning. I would have to fight and find my way all through the life.


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That Little Lump In The Breast!

For Tara, life had been good. She was from a small town in Assam, had come to Delhi for her Masters in Journalism 15 years back and now she had an exciting career, a loving husband and two lovely children. She could not have asked for more. God had indeed been kind. (more…)

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vaginal pain

Why Pratyusha, why?

“Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than to try to fix its pieces by hurting yourself” – A quote already heard by many.

Yesterday, I was enjoying a great meal at a fancy joint when I got a notification on my phone from “TOI” – Pratyusha Banerjee commits suicide. (more…)

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STIs – the killers of sexual joy

An interview with Dr Aparna Srivastav, Senior Gynaecologist. She answers questions about “Sexual Transmitted Infection– STI” or “Sexual Transmitted Disease – STDs” that are commonly spread by sex, especially vaginal intercourse, anal sex and oral sex. Many People experience it but it is easily cured !!

Question 1. What is an STI?

Answer: STI is an infection, that passes from one person to another through intimate contact or while having unprotected sex.


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Erectile Dysfunction: Men’s Worst Nightmare

Can’t get it up anymore. Reconsider with

People suffering from erectile dysfunction can suffer great embarrassment as well as diminishing confidence. A mere thought of inability to get your penis erect can make life miserable. Erection of penis is a natural process and we take it for granted. But in those who suffer erectile dysfunction the blood vessels in penis are unable to retain blood resulting in failure of erection. (more…)

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Erectile Dysfunction

Impotence- All you need to know about Erectile Dysfunction

An interview with Dr Nitin Sharma, Senior Consultant Urologist. He answers questions about “Impotence” or “Erectile Dysfunction”. Many men experience it during times of stress but it is easily cured !!

Question 1. What is Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Answer: Erectile dysfunction or impotence is the inability to develop or maintain an erection. Lack of erection, lack of rigidity of the penis or decreased time span of erection are all symptoms of an erectile dysfunction. This causes difficulty in performing well sexually.


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Women’s Day Special: Purple Ribbons

Happy Women’s Day to everyone.

Women’s Day Special: “Intolerance on a new high”, shouted the newspaper headlines. She laughed at it. Intolerance, she wondered! Do they even know what it means?

The political scenarios were new, but this word intolerance always amused her. This eleven lettered word, which was being promoted by the United’s opposition, as the herald of India’s new government, always amused her with its sarcasm. A government can’t make a nation intolerant. India can never become intolerant. India had never been tolerant! (more…)

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Women's Day
Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Doctors Interview: Pain During Sex in Woman

An interview with Senior Gynaecologist Dr Aparna Srivastav. She answers questions about “pain during sex” or “dyspareunia” . A common problem that women choose to live with but is easily cured !!

Question 1. What is painful sex?

Answer: Painful sex or intercourse pain is also termed as Dyspareunia, it sometimes causes problems in a couple’s sexual relationship.


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7 Women’s Diseases Men Needs to be Careful for

Men are from Mars and women from Venus. Yet, they met on earth and that’s where life is!

We are coded differently, have a different genetic makeup. Our bodies have different ways of functionality and this is what puts us at risk of different disease. Over the years, some diseases found to be more prevalent in women have been termed as women’s disease. Though this euphemism is a misnomer as most of these “women’s disease”‘ are very much found in men! (more…)

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