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Sexual abstinence or non–indulgence into sex voluntarily is the latest trend amongst young adults these days. As much as youngsters are believed to be inclined towards sexual activities, studies indicate the number of adolescents adopting abstinence have been increasing drastically.

Sexual abstinence ranges from non-participation in vaginal intercourse to complete avoidance of all sorts of sexual, intimate acts such as oral/anal sex, cuddling, kissing, etc. This abstinence could be primary as to maintain one’s virginity or secondary i.e. refraining from sexual activities after being sexually active for a period of time.

The various reasons people opt for such abstinence could be:

  • Ambitious, career-driven individuals want to focus only on their professions.
  • Lack of perfect partner
  • Stay clear of unwanted pregnancies/STDs
  • Poor health status that does not allow intimacy.
  • Previous broken or failed relationship

Advantages of Sexual Abstinence:

  • Guaranteed protection from STDs and conception
  • Helps develop emotional and intellectual bond before physical consummation. This results in stronger relationships.
  • Failed relationship hurts less, if there’s no sex involved.
  • Completely safe with no side-effects

Disadvantages of Sexual Abstinence:

  • No sex gradually decreases the sex drive.
  • Sex is a form of exercise and continuous lack of it can affect one’s erection and arousal ability.
  • Sex releases hormones known as endorphins that elevate the mood and relieve stress. Lack of sex can make one stressed and easily depressed.
  • Condoms or other contraceptive methods might not be available in case you change your mind suddenly.

To practice abstinence is a very personal decision. Respect it and never force someone to give up on their principles. Also, discuss it with your partner before taking the relationship further. 

Sex or no sex, mutual love and trust should prevail.

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