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That fat-like substance known as cholesterol which is usually associated with liver and heart ailments has the power to control your sex life too.

Yes! High levels of cholesterol can cause fatty deposits in various arteries of the body and block them. And if the artery is one belonging to the pelvic area, the blood flow to the genitals may be restricted affecting your sex life. While in males, reduced blood flow may result in poor or difficult erection, females complain of poor lubrication or arousal making sexual intercourse painful or unenjoyable.  Attaining orgasm will be an added challenge.

In cases of Erectile Dysfunction, blood pressure and cholesterol levels are the first parameters to check as the cases have been on a constant rise recently.

Not only during sex, has cholesterol also played a pivotal role in preparing your body for sex and reproduction. It helps in the production of sex hormones in the body.

Be it the female hormones, progesterone and estrogen’s or the masculine testosterone, cholesterol helps in their development. As these hormones are essential for reproduction, growth of bodily traits such as beard in males and breast in females as well as a healthy sex life, the importance of adequate levels of cholesterol is undeniable.

Certain medications that lower cholesterol or other life-saving drugs can also, lower your libido affecting the sex life. Consult your doctor for a substitute.


“A healthy, low-cholesterol diet is the best way to enjoy better sex”.

‘More of green veggies, less of fatty meat’ are the mantra for maintaining appropriate levels of cholesterol in the body.

Regular exercise and non-indulgence in stimulants such as alcohol, tobacco further boosts the health.

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