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Less talked about but very commonly dreamt, sexual dreams play an important role in one’s life. Although discussing sex even in sleep could be embarrassing for certain individuals, their actual interpretation is far from sexuality.

Having sex in your dreams usually denotes an emotional liking or attraction towards the personality traits of the person you are having sex with. Not physical but the bond is more emotional, intellectual or spiritual. Any particular trait/traits of the sex partner that you admire or wish to inculcate in yourself makes you fall for him/her in your dreams. It doesn’t actually mean you want to have sex in real life. You might be interested in some of the qualities of the partner, something that is lacking in your own life such as leadership quality, confidence, kindness, etc. It usually denotes fulfilling a void in your own personality with others’ traits. It could also, be an indication to adopt those traits in yourself and shape up your personality.

The most common of all sex dreams is having sex with your ex-lover. This does not imply you are still in love with him/her. But some quality of your ex-lover has left a lasting impression on you and cautioning you not to repeat the same mistakes in the future.

Baring-it-all or being naked dreams indicate ‘exposing’ your true inner self to the partner. You have accepted the sexual partner completely and opened up your true feelings with him/her. It indicates a trust-building relationship.

Other romantic dreams without the involvement of sex such as cuddling, intimacy, etc indicate your desire to be loved, have a heart-to-heart conversation, treated nicely, etc. Discuss the same with your partner to make the bond stronger.

If the dreams are not pleasurable in the end, it again indicates the qualities you may not like about the sexual partner. It could be greed, selfishness, dishonesty, etc. You may also, possess those negative qualities which the subconscious mind is indicating you to work on. Sexual dreams are actually personality- building tools that help you discover your hidden positive traits and shun off the negative ones. Analyze your dreams closely to discover the real you….it could be life-changing.

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