Cervical mucus and Ovulation – You can now note down the changes in chiBu.

Cervical mucus or cervical fluid is secreted by glands in the cervix.

 During a menstrual cycle, hormones change the quantity and the quality of this mucus.

cervical mucus

The cervical mucus plays a very important function of

  • Protecting the uterus by not allowing things to enter
  • Creating a friendly environment for the sperm to travel from the cervix to the uterus.

Before ovulation, the hormone estrogen increases the cervical mucus and changes it into an elastic, viscous-like secretion.

This helps sperm to stay alive and swim.

After ovulation, cervical mucus becomes sticky and thick. This stops sperm and any other bacteria etc from entering into the uterus.

The relation between Ovulation and Cervical Mucus

If you are tracking your body basal temperature (BBT), adding cervical mucus tracking is an excellent plan

Change in the consistency of the cervical mucus is a sign that ovulation is about to take place.

If you want to get pregnant, you need to record this change and get your fertile window

You can track these fertile days by checking and recording the changes in cervical mucus.

If you see egg white vaginal discharge, then you are about to ovulate.  Cervical mucus like egg white consistency is the most fertile type of cervical mucus. It is often called as EWCM on fertility charts.

A lack of fertile quality cervical mucus can point to a hormonal imbalance.

How to check the consistency of cervical mucus?

Check the discharge on your underwear.

You can also check by inserting a clean finger into your vagina.

You can also check toilet paper after cleaning the area.

Egg white cervical mucus will be like elastic which stretches between your fingers Non-fertile cervical mucus doesn’t stretch much or at all. It will be thick and sticky.

You can now note down the changes in cervical mucus in chiBu.

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