Before going to the context on SCIENTIFIC FACTS ABOUT MASTURBATION, let’s discuss what the masturbation exactly is?


Masturbation is known as solo sex or sexually stimming your genitals to the point men/women get pleasurable feelings.

Now the question arises, who does it? 

If someone wants to have an orgasm without having sex relation, they do masturbation. It is very common among both men and women of all ages. Young mass between 12 to 20 years is more likely to adopt this. However, men masturbate more than women. In the case of men, masturbation to reach sexual pleasure is also allied with enhanced immune system functioning.

So in a flow, many are very curious to know, why do people (both men and women) masturbate?

People masturbate for various reasons like to satisfy their sexual pleasure, enjoyment, fun and some time to release their frustration and tension.


After going through all these above statements, you might have queries on how people do it?

One thing you might notice, sometimes you found kids touching their genitals which feel them innocently pleasurable. Every person has a different way to do it; some women rely on vibrators at the same time some satisfied with touching inside the vagina and keep their hand (or two) on the vulva or clitoris.

While masturbating some likes to watch movies, videos or television, some listen to music or read a book. In the case of men, they are holding their penis and moving their hand in an up-and-down motion. But it varies from person to person.



Some people think masturbating is embarrassing and shameful. Generally, people believe it is a dirty thing. There are several pro and cons of it. Here we will brief you about various SCIENTIFIC FACTS OF MASTURBATION.

  1. Sexual maturity, change of hormones may lead to having an orgasm. For orgasm, people begin masturbating.
  1. Sometimes masturbation acts like meditation. It is also good for health as it releases sexual tension, reduces stress and will improve your sleep.


  1. By practicing masturbation women get relief from their menstrual cramps and muscle problem. It also helps to fight disease like a white blood cell.


  1. With age, the muscle tone may lose. Masturbation is another way of exercising the pelvic floor muscle, and it strengthens muscle tone in your pelvis and anal areas.


  1. Most of the people are worried about the frequency of masturbating; they are might be happy to know that it’s entirely reasonable to masturbate more than twice a day. You can also do it regularly. Frequent masturbation will result from high sex drive. If you do it hard, then be careful you can fracture your penis.


  1. More masturbation enhance your relationship with your partner and pave towards healthy sex life. It makes you comfortable with sex, your body, and talking to your partner. Masturbation helps to release of sex hormones, escalate blood flow down below, and get your brain in the mood to get busy.


  1. Masturbating is one of the safest sexual activity. There is no fear of getting an STD or any form of infection from touching your genital; even there is no chance of pregnancy.


  1. Most of the women prefer stimulating clitoral as part of masturbation drive.
  1. Some believe masturbation is a disease and an abnormal thing everyone masturbates in its way. But yes, it is right excess of everything is terrible. If you are obsessed for it, then you may lose interest in having sex with your partner.


  1. As per social and cultural constraint, some people feel guilty over masturbating, do n’t feel ashamed it is neither immoral nor wrong.

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