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Most Common Diseases of the Penis

What is penis

The penis is the male sex organ that is part of the male reproductive system and urinary system Penis has three primary functions: reproduction, sex, and urination.

What are the common diseases of the penis?

What is ED or erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a functional disorder of the penis. This may be due to purely psychological reasons in young people or develop as a result of diseases or drugs that affect the circulation of blood to the penile area.

erectile dysfunction

What are the risk factors for penile diseases?

  1. Age: Many of the penile disorders are found in the sexually active age ie >25-50 years.
  2. Smoking: Addiction may lead to penile cancer
  3. Alcohol: Chronic heavy use of alcohol may be linked to erectile dysfunction.
  4. Circumcision: It is the surgical removal of the foreskin on the penis, being uncircumcision increases the risk of penile cancer.
  5. Multiple sex partners: Having multiple sex partners increases the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.
  6. Smegma: Accumulation of secretions under the foreskin that are made up of oils and moisture.
  7. Heredity.

What are the common signs and symptoms of common penile conditions?

  1. Change on skin: Some common changes such as warts, bumps, sores, and rash.
  2. Swelling of penis
  3. Itching
  4. Bleeding
  5. Painful penis & curvature or bend
  6. Difficulty in urination
  7. Blood in urine or semen
  8. Discharge from penis or foreskin
  9. Prolong urination


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