What is Balanitis or Balanoposthitis
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What is Balanitis or Balanoposthitis?

What is Balanitis

Balanitis or Balanoposthitis is inflammation of the head of the penis or foreskin. It is a common condition in uncircumcised men.

What is Balanitis

What are the signs & symptoms?

  • Redness, swelling, and soreness around the head of the penis or foreskin.
  • A discharge under the foreskin
  • Rash on the penis, itching.
  • Unpleasant odor
  • Pain urinating.
Signs & Symptoms of Balanitis

When to seek medical advice?

Balanitis is not a serious infection, but it can be a sign of another condition such as sexually transmitted infections or thrush.

What are the causes of balanitis?

  • The commonest cause is the skin irritation by the accumulation of a cheesy-looking substance called smegma.
  • Irritation of the skin by urine, soaps, or gels.

What are the types of balanitis?

  • Zoon’s balanitis: Usually seen in middle-aged, uncircumcised men, with inflammation involving glans penis and the foreskin.
  • Circinate balanitis: It is characterized by small, shallow, painless ulcerative lesions on the glans penis and It is associated with reactive arthritis.
  • Pseudoepitheliomatous keratotic and micaceous balanitis: A condition characterized by scaly, wart-like skin lesions on the head of the penis

What are the complications of balanitis?

  • Pain
  • Ulcers on the glans or foreskin.
  • Phimosis.
  • Paraphimosis.
  • Meatal/urethral stricture, and malignant


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