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That Little Lump In The Breast!

For Tara, life had been good. She was from a small town in Assam, had come to Delhi for her Masters in Journalism 15 years back and now she had an exciting career, a loving husband and two lovely children. She could not have asked for more. God had indeed been kind.

But for one little worry , she had been constantly having for several months . She was a strong woman and could not be bothered by these small issues. So, she would just ignore it with the firm belief that it will go away on its own.

“With my career and taking care of my family and managing those never ending chores, where do I have the time. I wish I had 40 hours in a day”

She had barely finished saying this that her colleague Sofia, remarked

“ HeyTara ! Take life a bit slow. Haven’t you heard about Maya”

Heard what ??

Maya, at a young age of 45 years had succumbed to breast cancer. She had a swelling in her breast. This had Tara in absolute panic. Afterall, she was herself living with a lump in her breast for so many months now. Was it cancer ? Could she have breast cancer ?

No, it could not happen to her . She ate a healthy diet and exercised as well. Never smoked, hardly any alcohol. But she was worried sick. She softly cried herself to sleep and had frightful dreams. She and her husband spent the next few days in deep anxiety.

Thankfully, today she is all smiles again. Her swelling turned out to be a benign one. It took just a visit to her lady doctor and a simple test. She was lucky. Her doctor told her. Had the swelling been malignant, she might have crossed the point of no return.

All of us may not be as lucky as Tara.

Is it not important to act when there is still time ?

Credit: DrSafeHands Editorial Team

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