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I came to this earth crying, afraid that the pain and difficulties I had suffered were just the beginning. I would have to fight and find my way all through the life.

I used to cry all the time. That was all I could do- for hunger, sleep and other needs or even out of helplessness. But the good news was that it worked always. I was attended to immediately. People rushed to pick me up, play with me, love me. I felt important. Some were scared to even touch me as if I was a precious gem. Even without being able to move, I was controlling the movements of everyone around.

Out of all the people around, there was this one person always by my side- be it day or night. Who was she? I wondered. I used to stare at her for long and as if reading my mind, she always smiled back. She sensed my needs beforehand and even understood my silence. I was no more a helpless baby- she was my voice, my words for the world and even to me. I didn’t have to fight or find my way, she had it all set and planned for me. Playfully she introduced me to everything around- flowers, birds, food, people, music, light and taught me new skills. I loved to be with her and also, used to cry just to get her attention or to wake her up…so naughty of me, I know. Staring blankly at the walls, roofs or talking and smiling at the fans to puzzle her was my favorite pass time. Life was fun with her, but I still didn’t know who she was.

One day, I started babbling a few letters. Though they didn’t make any sense but we both enjoyed this new activity and she tried to teach me speak. Pointing towards herself, she said ‘Mama’ and repeated it many times. My eyes lit up as I had finally found my wonder woman’s name- she was my ‘mama’, my mother, my mum. She was the one to put my expressions and emotions to words, to talk to me when no one else could. No wonder it’s called your mother tongue as it is the mother who speaks for you during those initial days and then teaches you to talk to the world. Thank you Mum for everything. I love you too.

Credit: Dr. Nidhi

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