Human papillomavirus is a highly contagious virus affecting the membranes of the body such as the cervix, anus, penis, mouth, throat as well as skin in general. It is the most common and highly contagious infection that is transmitted sexually and needs to be handled with caution. Thus, as a preventive measure, the HPV vaccine has been developed and recommended to all especially girls and boys aged 10-12 years i.e. before they become sexually active and vulnerable to the disease.

This vaccine protects one only against HPV diseases such as genital warts, cervical cancer, etc and not against other sexually transmitted diseases. Hence, this vaccine does not promote unprotected sex or sex with multiple partners as one can easily contract other infections, if not careful. This fear of their children indulging in risky or unsafe sex after vaccination refrained many parents from adopting this vaccine initially. However, the figures for vaccination have been on the rise now.

Researches were done to substantiate the above fact wherein girls were questioned as well as tested for STIs before and after vaccination and the results did not show any difference. The rate of incidence of other sexually transmitted infections such as Chlamydia in teenage girls was almost the same before and after getting HPV vaccine thereby, indicating that the sexually active girls continued having sex with condoms even after being HPV vaccinated.

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Thus, the HPV vaccine does not cause any alteration in the sexual behaviors of the teens and safe sex is still the best bet.

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