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Prostate cancer is a very common cancer involving the male reproductive system. It affects the prostate gland, which is present beneath the bladder and helps in the production of a fluid that transports and protects the sperm.


There is no particular reason for prostate cancer but older men i.e. above the age of 50 or with a family history of cancer are predisposed to develop it. Also, obesity, history of sexually transmitted diseases, vitamin D deficiency, inheritance of certain genetic mutations etc may make one more prone to this cancer.


Usually, this cancer grows slowly and silently without producing any symptom. However, the following urinary symptoms may indicate a growing prostatic disease and should be taken care of at the earliest. 

  • Frequent urging to urinate
  • Urinary urgency i.e. inability to hold urine
  • Dribbling or feeble stream of urine
  • Painful urination
  • Presence of blood in urine
  • Difficulty in achieving or painful erection
  • Passage of urine on laughing or coughing
  • Difficulty to urinate while standing
  • In advanced cases, there may be bone pains, constipation, weakness, loss of weight or even paralysis.


As the cancer often goes undiagnosed due to its silent nature, any urinary complaint especially during old age must be checked to detect any other prostatic problem that might be developing and which may lead to cancer later on. Confirmed diagnosis is made by blood test to determine the level of PSA (Prostate specific antigen), physical examination, ultrasound or a tissue biopsy.


Prostatectomy surgery i.e. removal of a part or whole of the prostate gland, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or hormone therapy may be adopted to tackle the disease depending upon the stage and size of the tumor.


Early stages of cancer can be easily cured and controlled by above mentioned treatment options while advanced stages may develop certain complications such as erectile dysfunction, pathological bone fractures, kidney diseases etc.

Nutritious diet, regular exercise or yoga makes coping with the disease faster and easier.

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