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As per the new researches and studies led by several universities like urology department of Stanford University School of Medicine and the University of Utah suggest that the males with low sperm count or azoospermic infertile because of an absence of sperm in their ejaculate or semen are at a substantially elevated risk to develop cancer.

There are mainly two reasons which can lead to Azoospermia

  1. Obstructive azoospermia – It is caused by a blockage which prevents the plentiful, fit sperm produced by the testes from reaching the ejaculate or semen
  2. Non-obstructive azoospermia – It is caused as the testes are unable to produce enough sperm for any to reach the ejaculate/semen, most likely due to genetic deficiencies of one kind or other

As per the studies it was found that males with low sperm production are at the increased risk of cancer mainly cancer of brain, prostate and stomach tumors, as well as melanoma, lymphoma, testicular cancer and cancer of the small intestine. Out of which testicular cancer is the main whose risk is increased eight times.

There are several findings that suggest that azoospermia due to genetic defects may increase male’s vulnerability to cancer as they may share common genetic causes.

While many of the cases are the result of genetic deficiencies but to be on the safer side minor lifestyle changes such as getting more exercise, quitting smoking, drinking less alcohol, etc will help to improve semen quality as overall health improves.

It would be good if the men who are diagnosed as azoospermic or with low sperm count should be aware of their increased risk and make sure to get periodic health checkups with keeping that in mind.

Don’t forget that health is one of the greatest wealth

Stay happy! Stay blessed!

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