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HPV short for Human Papillomavirus is one of the common STIs. There are hundreds of HPVs and expect a few the others are harmless. These harmful viruses can lead to genital warts or cancer.


Symptoms of HPV

Generally, there are no visible symptoms for HPV. The presence of some warts in the genital area, mouth, anus and other parts of the body can point to the presence of HPV. The high-risk HPV infection does not show any symptom until the disease has reached a later stage and causes some real health issues.

Pap test is recommended for all adult women to know the presence of HPV. This can detect the presence of abnormal cells in the cervix that may lead to cancer.

Usually, there is no routine test for men to detect HPV but doctors usually check to see the presence of warts using some simple tests. The high-risk group is bisexual and gay men. These may be advised to undergo an anal pap test to detect the presence of this virus.

Causes of HPV

A cut, tear or abrasion on the skin can help the virus enter your body. Even touching someone’s wart can cause infection.

Genital HPV is spread by skin to skin contact during the sexual act, anal, oral or regular. People who have multiple sex partners are a high-risk group.

Prevention of HPV

HPV infection is untreatable so the best method is prevention.

Getting 2 doses of vaccination between the ages of 9 and 14 is the best prevention against this virus.

Lack of awareness is another cause of its spread. The medical fraternity is doing its bit by creating awareness by organizing an HPV prevention week in several places. This spreads the message that HPV is preventable and also highlights the preventive measures and the tests to be conducted.

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