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HPV- Human Papillomavirus is a thing to fear as its infection has found no treatment to date. Though there exist hundreds of varieties of them only 40 are genital types of HPV. However, only a few of the latter kind can cause diseases and cancers in human beings. If detected early is completely treatable. Early screening is important.

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Let us find out about these diseases

  1. Cervical cancer

Most cancers are found to run in the family but not cervical cancer. It is caused purely by HPV infection. If this infection in a woman does not go away by itself, it can develop abnormal cells in the cervix.

A regular cancer screening is recommended for all adult woman especially those who are sexually active. This will detect any abnormal cells that lead to cancer.

  1. Anal cancer

Indeed, not all anal cancers are caused by HPV but a significant percentage is caused by it. Usually, no symptoms are found when a person is infected by this virus. But rectal bleeding can be an initial pointer toward this. This cancer affects both genders.

  1. Vaginal cancer

Not all vaginal cancers are caused by HPV. There are no early symptoms for this. But a pain in the pelvic region, abnormal vaginal bleeding, and discharge, or blood in stool or urine are pointers to infection which calls for consulting an expert. It will ascertain the cause and help chalk out a treatment plan.

  1. Vulvar cancer

HPV is not always the cause of this kind of cancer. But there are telltale symptoms for this. Lumps and sores, pain, change in color of the skin, and bleeding, itching, burning in the vulva region are some of them. If detected early a treatment plan can be chalked out.

  1. Genital warts

Flesh color growth near the genital area point to genital warts. These are contagious and you can get it by genital contact with an infected person. If it is caused by HPV there is no cure otherwise it can be treated.

The best way to prevent these is by HPV vaccination as there is no treatment for HPV infection.

Not everyone has access to expert help. But in this tech-savvy world, it is not difficult to get such help.

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