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One of the main reasons leading to divorce between married couples is lack of sexual life or incompatibility in bed. In the latter case one spouse may have a strong sex drive but the other lacks in libido. This may lead to a lot of complications in their relationship.

One of the easy solutions for various problems has always been food. In this case, also some dietary changes can bring about a better bedroom life.


What are these food items then?

  1. Fruits – Certain fruits like banana, apple, watermelon, avocado, pomegranate and so on have some nutrients that can increase the sex drive and also help with the erection in a male.
  2. Nuts – Walnuts, pistachio, peanuts and the like are high in magnesium and certain amino acids that help in boosting energy and also endurance-primary criteria for an active sex life.
  3. Seafood – Tuna, salmon and the like are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. This helps to improve erectile function in men.
  4. Spices – Yes this may be a surprise but spices like ginger, chili pepper, and garlic can help boost your sex life with aiding better blood flow and a healthy heart.
  5. Protein-rich-food – Oats, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and so on are food items make people more energetic thereby increasing their sex drive.
  6. Vegetables – Beet, spinach and some other veggies, when taken regularly, improves blood flow to the brain. These boost your energy level – the main yardstick for better sex life.
  7. Dark chocolate – Stress is one of the causes for diminished sex drive. Eating chocolates relieve of stress. This can thus surely give you a better time with your partner in bed.

Make these dietary changes it may help. However, don’t forget to consult an expert too lest the matter gets aggravated. For those who are shy to go to a doctor, you can always contact Drsafehands- an online consultant site for sexual health issues. You can discuss your poor sex drive and other sex-related issues here. It is possible to seek advice round the clock here. So go ahead and contact an expert and improve your bedroom life.

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