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My partner does not want to use condom

Dear Doctor, I am 34 years old female, married for 5years,also have a 3 year old daughter. Now while having sex my partner does not want to use condom anymore. How can I explain him? Is there is any other way for safe sex?
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Which contraceptive to use

Hi. I am 25 years old. My periods are usually regular. I am due to be married shortly. I am confused about what birth control should we use. Should I ask him to use condoms or should I take the pill. When should I start taking the pill? Will it affect my menstrual cycle? What are the other methods? Please guide.
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Am I pregnant?

Hi. I am taking OC Pills for the past one year. I forgot to take the pill last two days and we had sex. Now, I am scared I might have become pregnant. What should i do?
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Withdrawal method : does it work

Hi. I had unplanned sex with my partner. He did not use a condom but did not ejaculate inside me. Can I still become pregnant? What should I do now? Should I take emergency contraceptive pill?
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Emergency pill

Hi. I had unprotected sex with my partner but took emergency contraceptive pill in the morning within 24 hours. What are the chances of getting pregnant? Will it harm me or cause any changes in my menstrual cycle. I am already feeling pain in lower abdomen and nausea? Please tell me what should I do?
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sex during pregnancy

Hi. I am 4 months pregnant. Can I still have sex? If so; how often? Are there any precautions that we need to take. Please advice. I have tried to get the information from internet but am confused?
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Worried about HIV?

Hi. I am 34 years old male. I had sex with a stranger after a few drinks in a party. I did not use any condom. I am now very worried, if I have got HIV or something. What should I do?
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Oral sex and HIV

Hi. I am a young male. I went for foreign trip recently. I had sex on multiple occasions but always used a condom. But, I had oral sex also. At that time I did not think, it could be harmful. Now, I am very worried. The more I think about it, the more anxiety I have. Please let me know if I am safe? Also, whether I should get tested or take any medicines. Please advice.
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Boyfriend having other partner

Hello. I am 27 years old female, in a steady relationship with my boyfriend for the last one year. I recently found out that my boyfriend had relations with other women in the past. I am scared that he may have passed on some infection to me. I have told him to get tests done but he is against it and says he is fine. I am extremely worried. Please advise what should I do?
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Redness/swelling in private parts -- female

Hi. I am a young female, in relationship. Two days back, I noticed redness and swelling on my labia. Now, it has started hurting and even touch is painful. I am feeling too embarrassed to talk with someone or go to a doctor. Please advise some remedy.
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Redness/swelling on penis

Hello. I have got redness and swelling on my penis. I have also noticed some pus discharge from beneath the foreskin. It is very painful. I had sex one week back with my regular partner. She is ok. I have applied antibiotic ointments but there is no improvement. Please advice.
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Sex therapy – does it help?

Hello. I am 24 years old, recently married. I am simply not able to have sexual intercourse. When we try, I don’t enjoy it and end up crying. My best friend took me to a Gynae but that has not helped at all. I have been told to meet a sex therapist. What is sex therapy? Will it help? How can I get it?
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Who uses Dr. safehands

I was about to get married and was full of doubts. Needed to ask many questions. Most of all, I needed to be sure that my would be husband is free from any infections like HIV. But I had no idea how to do that. Just one call with DrSafeHands counsellor solved all my issues.

Jessica M, Goa
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