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All relationships are made in heaven, but some of them are the works of devil. An unhealthy relationship is best described toxic, it’s like taking a dip in the infernal fire of hell. It’s really very tough when you find yourself in such situations and things got worse when you’re just moving on from one bad relationship to another.


You fall in love. You move on. It hurts. It hurts more than hurt. Tending to a broken heart, you try to heal. It’s hard. You heal. You fall again.

It’s sad when a bad relationship transforms into bad luck with relationships. In fact, many psychologists support the fact that being in a chain of bad relationships makes one introspect, obsessing over yourself, over thinking about your flaws, trying to find reasons, seeking answers. It can be the harbinger of stress, hostility, anxiety, low self esteem and depression.


Yet the question remains, how does one completely break free of this chain of bad relationships?

Well, seek and ye shall find…

Let Go

Let go


It wasn’t worth being together, and then what is the use of harboring the bitter memories? Let go of your past. You don’t need to rush from one relation to another. Take your time. Heal completely. Move on.


Love Yourself

Love yourself

I know it’s a cliche but then what’s more important! Focus on yourself, your life. Re discovers your hobbies. Take up a sport, Pack your bags and satiate your wanderlust. All in all, fall in love with yourself.


Don’t love. Like

Don’t love. Like

Love is blind until the reality sets in. Don’t fall head over heels for someone unless you have a strong liking for them. Compatibility doesn’t mean you’ve to watch the same TV shows nor having same pets. That’s negotiable. It’s the greater views on life, love and relationships that should match.




Firstly, accept yourself then secondly accept your partner. You’ve fallen in love. Love them for what they are, not for what you thought they’ll be. Accept them and love them, as a whole, complete with their flaws.


Great Expectations

Great expectations

I can’t fly in the sky like a bird. I’d want to, but I can’t. You can’t burden someone with your unrealistic expectations. It’s fatal for a relation. Make efforts. Think of ways you can make them feel special. It’s another step towards your own happiness.


Practice Empathy

Practice empathy

We all have a list of things we regret saying. Yet we regret more the words that remain unsaid. Don’t regret. Reflect kindness. Listen intently. Speak honestly. Open up.




So you’re love smitten and all you want to do is be around that one special person. Whole world around ceases to exist but then, there’s more to life. Step back and give some space. Never lose yourself in the bid to discover true love.

Finally, always just remember that all relationships go through hell. It’s only the true ones that get through it.

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