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When delays knock down a couple’s dream of starting a family,the experience is similar to living in a crumbling house. The couple faces continual threats of crashing hopes. The situation is made worse by the inability to understand what is lacking in attempts at conception. What is to be blamed?

Infertility can bring in a phase of marital crisis. It is time for the couple to seek help and assurance.

  1. When doubts appear, address it. If you think you are unable to have a child despite doing all things right, seek professional help at the earliest.
  2. Let go of awkwardness. Speak out when there are troubles in sexual intimacy. Be willing to address them and undergo tests if required. Avoidance makes matters worse.
  3. It’s not a blame game. Don’t be preoccupied with blaming yourself or your spouse. Instead, resolve your concern by finding a solution together.
  4. Be supportive.The spouse who is required to take infertility treatment could experience enormous responsibility. Tell your spouse that you are there for him/her. Share the responsibility in whatever way you can.
  5. Don’t let societal pressures break you. The pressure to have a childdoubles when others pester you for the same. Focus on your marital relationship and family. Ignore people who aren’t supportive.
  6. Seek emotional help.It might be difficult for a couple to remain strong during their experience of infertility. It is beneficial to share your problems with your family. Seek support fromother couples who have resolved their infertility issues.
  7. Be affectionate. Continue to express care towards your spouse during this difficult time. Infertility is a time to re-bond not break apart.

A couple that holds hands when things go wrong is a couple that stays strong.

Author: Ms. Shirley Menezes

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