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Masturbation’s a private affair because it’s an act of sexually pleasing oneself. As with other sexual acts, masturbation too comes with moral judgments. There are also fears of ‘side effects’.

Masturbation for exploration of one’s sexuality is normal. It is natural to explore one’s body in order to understand how one reacts to sexual excitement. Masturbation is also regarded as an acceptable means to release sexual urge.

An ‘addiction’ to masturbation, however, could lead to complications in your life:

Fixed context for sexual pleasure:

When addicted to masturbation you become habituated to requiring a particular context for sexual pleasure. This context could be: being alone, stimulating your own genitals, using fantasy/porn or other techniques for pleasure.

Due to this habituation it becomes difficult to enjoy sexual pleasure in other contexts like: having a sexual partner and thus having to meet his/her needs too; getting aroused without self stimulation/porn and having to indulge in foreplay before sex.

Need for increasing levels of sexual stimulation:

Like any addiction, you may be unable to function without having your daily doses of masturbation. Over time, you may need more frequent or stronger stimulation to feel aroused. This could alter your body’s normal sexual response.

If the level of sexual stimulation you require keeps increasing you will encounter arousal problems on receiving lower stimulation.

Loss of non-sexual view of relationships:

Excess masturbation means having sex on your mind constantly. This makes it difficult to have nonsexual relationships with other people, especially a love interest.

The ability to emotionally bond with another person is lost and people only become objects of sexual fantasy or sexual desire.

Impact on other life areas:

Social life is impacted because you have to meet your addictive needs. You may desire to be alone most of the time and feel awkward while interacting with the opposite gender.

Concentrating on work or leisure could become difficult if your mind and body are distracted by sexual thoughts/cravings.

Effects on psychological and physical health:

Masturbation addiction makes you feel guilty, anxious, confused, helpless or ashamed. You develop valid doubts about having successful intimate relationships.

The body experiences biochemical changes during a sexual response. Through your addiction you put your body into overdrive and may experience the after effects of an exhausted body; for example, feeling weak, tired and distracted.

When addicted you are also likely to experience cravings for sexual pleasure and an inability to abstain from or delay satisfaction of sexual urges.

In short, masturbation addiction is like any other addiction that affects your mental, emotional and physical health. Moreover, it causes disruption in your relationships and in your sex, work and social life.

If you are addicted to masturbation, seek help urgently. A healthy balanced life awaits you…

Author: Ms. Shirley Menezes

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