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If you think you had a sexual exposure with someone who is HIV positive or is at high risk of being HIV positive, you may book a call to speak with our doctor.

* Please note that PEP is required in select few cases that are high risk.

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Terms for PeP

1. PEP should be taken within 72 hr. of potential exposure.
2. PEP is effective but does not give 100% protection.
3. PEP is a course of 28 days which has to be taken consistently, missed doses decrease the efficacy of PEP.
4. In case of any health emergency or severe symptoms, please visit emergency department of nearest hospital.
5. It is mandatory to take tests advised by the doctor while you start PEP and after you finish the course of PEP medication.

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Check if you need PrEP and whether you are eligible to take it

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Terms for PrEP

1. Taking a dose of PrEP medication every day lowers the risk of getting HIV infection
2. This medicine does not completely eliminate the risk of getting HIV infection.
3. This medicine may cause side effects. Please contact your service provider, if you have any health problems related to the medicine.
4. In case of any health emergency, please visit emergency department of nearest hospital.
5. It is important for your health to find out quickly if you get HIV infection while you are taking this medication, so please seek advice from your provider if you have symptoms of possible HIV infection (fever with sore throat, rash, headache, or swollen glands etc )
6. You need to test for HIV infection at least once every 3 months

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PrEP Testing

When you take PrEP, some basic tests are required like: HIV, HBV, HCV, Creatinine etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Safe & highly effective methods to prevent HIV. Call/WA +91 9013005151 to know more

PEP or Post PEP or Post Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV is a most effective HIV prevention strategy following a high risk exposure or potential exposure to HIV. Post exposure prophylaxis is to be started within 72 hours of possible exposure to HIV.

PEP needs to be taken once a day for 28 days. A PEP user needs to be in contact with their doctor/ health care provider while taking PEP. Certain tests will also be prescribed by the doctor at the start of PEP and after PEP is completed, that need to be done as part of the protocol.

PEP is considered as a safe therapy. It can have side effects like nausea, tiredness, diarrhea, flatulence, headache etc. These generally reduce after a few days while the body adjusts to the medicines

PrEP or pre exposure prophylaxis is a powerful, safe and highly effective prevention measure against HIV infection. This is usually taken on a regular basis, to prevent HIV transmission during future sexual activities. To take PrEP one must be HIV Negative.

PrEP is considered a safe regimen in healthy individuals. No significant side effects have been seen in vast majority of users. Some people may have nausea, vomiting, flatulence initially but these go away in a few days to weeks. Serious side effects like decreased kidney function are rare.