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Why do we need therapy for mental health?

Why do we need therapy for mental health?

There is so much stress in today’s world, from so many sources, that many, many people are in a dire need of professional help to cope.

Do people realize that they have psychological issues that need to be addressed?

The bigger problem is that many do not even realize that they need help.

Why is the need more acute now?

We are going through very unusual times, which are unprecedented in the lifetime of most people n today’s world. This naturally has takes a psychological and emotional toll.

What is unique about today’s situation?

The lockdown that has been implemented in many parts of the world, with its forced isolation, has deprived people of their safety net in times of crisis. This, along with the fear of the pandemic itself, has resulted in serious social and psychological trauma.

What is the solution in the unusual circumstances?

Since people cannot go to psychologists to seek advice, the next best solution is online consultation for seeking help. We live in an age when this is possible, and is hence a privilege not to be discarded, if a person is lonely or depressed, or in any other way feels troubled.

How does it help?

Simply discussing a problem, by itself, is a big relief, and helps vent one’s feelings. Speaking to a trained counselor has the added advantage of getting it analyzed, thus leading to a better understanding. This makes introspection possible. Finally, with proper guidance, one can work towards calming the mind, and getting rid of negative thoughts.

How can I begin?

Go to a therapy site, and explain your problems. This will open the path to getting over mental agonies and anxieties. In case someone you are facing such issues, you can call Project Arise at 9013 262626 as they provide free online counseling for depression and other mental health issues by experts over calls, to anyone in India or abroad.  They provide confidential and non-judgmental services. One can also meet the psychiatrists and psychologists face to face by visiting their centre at Malleshwaram, Bangalore.

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