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Fashion is an ever-changing creative art with new trends emerging every now and then. Recent few years have seen growing popularity of tattoos or body piercings in both the sexes. As its important to look beautiful and sexy , equally important is to keep one’s body safe and free from deadly . These viruses like HIV , Hepatitis B and Hepatitis see may enter our bodies through innocent looking pricks and cuts.

Consider the case of Sofia. Her boyfriend Sid, introduced her to tattoo art. She simply adored his sexy tattoos which made him look, so cool. She too had some work done at a studio.

Sid encouraged her to experiment with body piercing also. She was immediately hooked on and had her navel pierced and decorated with a gold ring. They were absolutely thrilled and loving it .

A month later, Sofia fell ill. She had lost her appetite and her eyes looked yellowish. A battery of tests later , she was diagnosed to have Hepatitis B , a life threatening viral infection . How did she get it ?

She had never indulged in any risky behavior. She had never even had a blood transfusion.

It took a while for her to understand that the fun evening at the body art studio had done her in.

Tattooing and piercing are fun activities but need stringent precautions to be safe. Here are some tips , that you should keep in mind.

  •  Always get it done from a professional artist at a licensed studio.
  •  Always make sure the artist uses disposable needles, razors, gloves.
  •  The artist must wash his/her hands before the procedure.
  •  The area of the body art should be swabbed with a disinfectant.
  •  Ink used for tattooing should be taken in a disposable cup and this must not be poured back into the main container.
  •  The studio should be clean and disinfected regularly.
  •  For piercing, never use a piercing gun as it cannot be sterilised. Use new sealed, disposable needles every time.
  •  Proper after-care instructions to be followed for the treated skin.

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