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I learned from various sources, witnessing domestic violence and conversations with a few psychologists that Indian youth and young adults are having a lot of problems in their social lives. Add to that the exploitation by many unscrupulous people, not for profit organizations, even psychologists directly and inadvertently and you have a toxic situation brewing.

I really think that organizations for the youth need to be creative in reaching out and connecting the young adults with ethical organizations and professionals and with a movement designed and promoted just for this mission. Religions are failing to provide leadership to this cause.

Day to day problems of youth seem to be alcohol abuse/addiction, compulsion to have boy/ girl friend, sexuality and abuse in the pursuit of love, being loved and feeling belongingness, failure to negotiate relationships as mature adults, male animal behaving infantile and girls clinging to them out of cognitive confusion and failing to understand their own feelings, whole lot of rebellion going on against authority while being financial and emotional parasites on significant others.

The whole young generation seems to be searching for answers. The issue that they are not getting them is what scares me as to the future of Bharat. It all has to do with, sounding overly simplistic, confusion as to the value system (deeply held core beliefs which determine behavior).

Who is going to help our youth with matters like what love really is, how to enjoy alcohol, how to negotiate intimacy and intercourse with opposite sex and finally how to rebel constructively without getting a bloodied nose.

Just the awareness has overwhelmed me and the realization that the very keepers of the people’s trust i.e. mental health professionals need to do much more in this regard, prompts me to write this article.

I hope I am not overreacting .I wonder  who will stop this national anarchy and death of everything that Indian culture stood for, for  the past 10,000 years?

 Dr Greesh C Sharma, PhD, has practised Clinical Psychology for more than 50 years. He is a published author, founder and a diaspora activist. His main area of interest is to help people with mental health challenges, in India and the worldwide Indian Diaspora. He is available at drsafehands.com, a web portal to address mental health needs and similar health issues. Dr Greesh lives with his wife in Pennsylvania, USA.

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