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Mike and Sara had been married for about a year now. Being more of best friends than a couple, they often pulled each other’s leg, dared one another or played silly pranks. Life was fun for them.

So one day when Sara challenged Mike to wash the sink full of dishes in just 10 minutes, he asked for his winning prize. Knowing Mike to be a lazy lad, Sara was confident of her win and offered to have sex with him on the couch there and then. Mike’s eyes lit up and he instantly rushed to the kitchen.

To Sara’s surprise, he finished the task before the stipulated time. And now, it was time for his prize.

Though Sara was in no mood for sex, she kept her word. After all, best friends don’t break promises.

As they began, her desire gradually developed and it became mutually pleasurable. The couch made it all the more interesting. They explored a new closeness towards each other. Mike was overwhelmed with the unexpected sexual encounter while Sara was happy for his love and care towards her. She knew he didn’t do the dishes just for the physical prize, he did it for her and she was thankful for his presence in her life, as a friend and as a husband. And the smile on his face later was priceless. She won’t mind losing a bet every time for that.

Sex without desire can also, turn out to be pleasurable if both the partners are understanding and accommodating each other’s needs. As it is difficult for both the individuals to have a sexual desire at a given time, giving in to the need of the other builds a stronger relationship and a deeper connection. Pressurizing one for lovemaking can prove fatal for a relationship while sex is done with mutual consent usually, has a very positive outcome.

Author: DrSafeHands editorial team 

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