Living with STDs

If you are positive for any STDs, the 1st important thing is that you must get treatment as soon as possible.

If you have any STD, there are chances of transmission to another person. Some STDs can lead to severe consequences if left untreated. In rare chances, untreated STDs may even be incurable like HIV, Hepatitis B, HPV.

Living with STDs

Luckily, most of the STDs are easily treatable. In some cases, they can be cured completely. In some other cases, initial and effective treatment can support relieve symptoms, lower your risk of difficulties, and stop the transmission to your sexual partners.

In addition to take medications for STDs/ STIs, a doctor may guide you to adjust your sexual behaviours to help in protection yourself and others i.e., they’ll probably suggest you to evade sex altogether until the infection has been treated completely. When you resume exposures, they’ll possibly suggest you to use condoms or other safety materials.

Want to know more about STDs Just call on helpline 9013 262626 and the STDs testing is the only way to know your health status.

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